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Thursday, May 24, 2012

That Surprise Quilt and More

I eluded to a surprise quilt I was making and I got it finished.  It is now safe to share the photos of the process....since the recipient now has possession of said quilt.

When my sister was visiting she happened to see some fabric in my stash that she said she really liked.  Her birthday was coming up so I decided to make her a quilt.  I had to choose something rather simple if I were going to get it put together in a day or two.

 Here I am zipping along.....I just pieced and pieced and pieced.

McSteamy saw that I was working feverishly and he offered to help.  I'm no fool...I said sure can help me cut the borders.  He wanted me to cut the 7" border straight down the length of fabric and was frustrated when I told him I wasn't going to do that.  The large piece above....yes that one....McStamy thought it was scrap and I would be throwing it away.  I laughed out loud for quite some time.  Then I explained that Mary Jane and many other quilting friends keep even the smallest of scraps and he could be shot for even thinking about throwing away such a large piece of perfectly good fabric.

Then he asked if this tiny piece would be ok to toss...well...that is small enough...don' you think?
 I was floored that he spent the evening helping me and even spent time pinning the borders with me. Sooooo sweet.  I had not met George Siciliano at this point...and thank God because I would not have let McSteamy near my quilt if I even thought for a minute that he would take off and become an amazing quilt artist...LOL.

Two days and it was in the mail to Joanne over at Splitting Stitches Blog and at Insanely Cheap Quilting Blog too.  Joanne does such a beautiful job and she is so fast.  I don't think you can beat the quality and price anywhere...I've always been very pleased when I got my quilts back :)

From start to finish this quilt was completely finished in about 8 days and then given to my sister.

 Here she is...Tracy absolutely loves her quilt.  I even made a pillow case to match and she is tickled pink.  I'm in a heap of trouble my Mom wants one for her birthday....which is TOMORROW.  Yikes...hope she doesn't mind getting an IOU.

Last week was nuts....Thursday night was guild, Friday night both boys had baseball games, and Saturday was Cub Scout Crossover.
 Each year I add to the banner.  I join each panel with a large zipper so they can be removed and changed.  My girlfriend, Diane, saved my life and embroidered all this years names at the last minute.  I had the banner ready but forgot the names may change....ding dong...LOL.

Then on Sunday we had a birthday party at the house for Zachary's classmates.  We had 15 little monkeys

here at the house and Zach had a ball.  Afterwards we gave him his gift from the parents....oh he was excited to get a new bicycle.

As if all that was not crazy enough....I then had to get everything done for the IHAN Blow Out Sale on my website.  I guess I just don't plan ahead very well....I am truly flying by the seat of my pants each day and I'm frequently amazed that I'm still breathing at the end of the day.

Here are a few examples of the amazing deals to be had over at I Have A Notion: 

I think these bags are an excellent value.  They are top quality and you could not make one for the price.  They are all from the Bagamore Collection and are $40.00 OFFClick here to see them...scroll down the page.

There is so much more....14 pages of amazing deals....the sale ends tomorrow so hop on over and help me out....please!  I need to reduce my inventory as it is taking over my house....LOL.



  1. Your quilt for your sister is awesome.

  2. What a beautiful gift for your sister but once you start the ball rolling then everyone wants one LOL. I still haven't got around to my husbands yet. Nice to see hubby help what a great guy.

  3. If McSteamy keeps helping, then you may be getting more quilts done. Just don't let him decide which pieces to toss!

  4. Sweet quilt for your sister and there is nothing better than a group project, right?

  5. Beautiful quilt, Kelly! done in record time, too! The banner is beautiful. Thank you for posting a picture, I really wanted to see it. My dtr was very impressed with the design (she's a graphic design major). And there is nothing like a new bike! Have a wonderful weekend

  6. As a collector of vintage machines, I have to ask what model of Singer you sewed the quilt on. I can't tell from the angle of the picture. I can't believe you made that quilt so fast. I'm a slow poke quilter.

  7. Whenever I hear about a husband helping pin I am reminded of a gal who said her husband helped and he was taking forever to pin his half, when asked what was the problem he told her that it would go much quicker if he didn't have to straighten out all of those bent saftey pins!! LOL Oh love husbands!!

  8. Now that was a speedy quilt. HOw nice you had help.
    Yay! for birthday bicycles. Enjoy your holiday weekend.

  9. Eight days?!? Including back and forth to New Hampshire? Amazing.....

  10. What a cheerful quilt you made her! You couldn't help but smile if you were wrapped up in it. You are reminding me of one of those jugglers who manages to keep all those plates spinning without a one crashing to the floor.

  11. I really, really love that quilt and it was so sweet of hubby to help. I do hope that he has learned his lesson now on what is truly throw-awayable.

  12. It is hard to keep up when you are working and raising a family! I love your sister's quilt and how nice of hubby to help. Now that you have him rotary trained, he can be even more useful!


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