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Saturday, May 12, 2012

More Celebrating

Can you believe we've been celebrating all week here at IHAN?  My sister's birthday, followed by our youngest daughter and son's birthdays, today a wedding and tomorrow Mother's Day.  I can hardly keep up with what card goes to which person.
 Maddy and Zach share a May 11th Birthday
 In true IHAN style...we have "get up" for our special
 Some of us are unique in how we wear our "get up."
Remember Po-Go Sticks?  I had not seen one in years and Zach recieved one for his birthday.  Day one, he managed 6 non-stop hops.  Day two, over 50 and his record to date is 210...he is one hoppin fella.

You know I would not leave you without something quilt is a photo of Waldo's Kaffe Fassett quilt.

You know I'm in love with this quilt.  I'll make one....just as soon as I get the binding on the surprise quilt I made.  I'll shop pix of that one early this coming week.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!!



  1. Happy Birthday to everyone. Beautiful Kaffe quilt too. Love it.


  2. WOW...your house must have some coming out the windows...with all THAT partying goin' on! Yikes...mis-TAH-keee card doings...sounds like something I would most certainly do in your circumstances =P

    O! I am IN-LUV with that beautiful Kaffe-quilt...soSEW pretty!

    Your Hoppin-Fella is doing great with all of those jumps in a row. I do remember pogo sticks back in my day...I wasn't such a good hopper, tho =)


  3. Happy "everything" to the folks at IHAN. LOL.

    Oh yes, give Waldo my address so she can send that quilt to me. hehehee It is gorgeous.

  4. Happy Mother's Day to you Kelly :-)


  5. Wow Kelly - you are one celebratin' mama - how fun, love the headband! My boys used to have a pogo stick, not sure how many jumps they got to but it sure kept them occupied, and kept me in a perpetual state of terror. They didn't get helmets! Dd is gorgeous. Happy Mother's Day!!!

    OH - and Waldo's quilt is just gorgeous!

  6. May 11th is a great day to have a birthday! Its also mine and I was born on Mother's Day! Happy Mother's day to you!

  7. Happy birthday to everyone, congratulations to the wedding couple! Happy Mother's Day!
    hard to believe you find time to sew! Love Waldo's quilt; I will have to kidnap her AND the quilt now.... A pogo stick sure brings back memories! Hmmm I might need a hula hoop..

  8. Happy birthday Zach. My great granddaughter was born on Friday. Wish I had taken Flat Stanley to visit her! Good luck on your homework assignment.

  9. Happy birthday, y'all! Oh my, I ***LOVE*** that quilt! It would look great in my
    Sending hugs!

  10. My hub's birthday is the same day!! Wonderful things happened on May 11!!


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