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Monday, May 14, 2012

Sometimes Ya Just Need A Little "Quiltspiration"'s true...sometimes we all just need a little "Quiltspiration."   Many of you may know Ebony Love from Love Bug Studios.   Ebony has invented "Quiltspirations" a card game for quilters and I am fortunate enough to have received a deck to review. 

 I've had time to look through each one of them and I have to say Ebony has a good sense of humor. 
The deck has seven categories (shown by different colored cards above) that include: Colors, Shapes, Styles, Embellishments, Borders, Layouts and Whimsy. 
Here is an example of one of the cards.  "You put a Hex on me" got a good laugh out of me.  She is so right....if you make one'll want to make 4...when you make 4....your want to make 10 and so on.  They are very addicting...don't ask me how I know!

I found the Quiltspirations cards to be fun.    It is not a traditional card game like poker or spades. I think of Quiltspirations as more of a energetic and fun way to start a project.  You can play alone or with others at a retreat or gathering.  The deck comes with a copy of printed rules....but I think Ebony already knows that many quilters don't follow the rules and she has made provisions for "those folks!"

I don't want to ruin the fun by telling you what is on every card....but I can't help but share a few more with you (Ebony...please forgive me...I can't help myself).

I sure hope you can read these cards.  They just crack me up!  The last card says that if you complete the task and send a photo to them...they will eat a piece of celery for each photo sent.  That is just way tooooo good.  If I had invented them....I would have promised to eat a chocolate chip cookie or an entire bowl of ice cream.  I'm soooo bad and Ebony will be much healthier as a result of her choice :)

Ebony has definitely had fun making these cards and I've had a ball just looking at them...playing with them will be even more fun.  I think they are a must have for all retreats and certainly would make a fun gift for quilting friends.  THANK YOU Ebony for my set of Quiltspiration Cards...I just love them.

Speaking of being inspired....below are some pictures of a bowl my friend Diane made recently.
Waldo and I got together with a group of friends and made fabric bowls.  After the "Bling Your Thing" challenge, Diane had the great idea of adding beads to her bowls.  Sometimes all it takes is a little challenge to get your mind moving in a whole new direction.  Beautiful bowl Diane!  Thanks for letting me share it with the rest of my friends.



  1. That is a gorgeous bowl. Love the bling.

  2. The Quiltspirations could be a good thing!

  3. I "embiggened" the picture so I could read the three cards - what a riot! She knows us quilters doesn't she? LOL

  4. Those cards look fun!!!! What a great idea. LOVE that bowl, that is truly a piece of art!


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