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Thursday, May 31, 2012

The New Floriani Thread Storage Boxes Arrived Last Night

I was floored when I saw the UPS driver arrive after 7pm.  They typically deliver during the day.  The excitement to get those boxes open overwhelmed me.

Check these out:

Here they are in all their glory....all I can say is they are the "bomb diggity"   These thread storage containers hold 30 spools (15 spools per drawer) of Floriani Thread.  The spindles on the inside of the drawers measure 3/8" you can store other brands of thread that have an opening at least 3/8". (I don't know if the folks at Floriani want me telling the world this....but hey...we all have several different brands of thread right?

I was tickled by how nicely they stack.  Each Thread Storage Case measures 11 1/2 inches wide, 7 3/4 inches deep and 8 1/4" tall.  

 They have nice carrying handles so you can take your thread with you when you go to classes.

The drawers have a snapping closure so they stay shut.  Way cool for me because I'm the queen of clumsy....really!

 All I can say is I'm ecstatic that the Floriani Thread Storage Cases have arrived.  I'm almost embarrassed to say I had previously had my Floriani Embroidery Threads all jumbled together in no particular order.  

Everyone who knows me knows I would not go on and on about something unless it was all that and three bags of Fritos....and the Floriani Thread Storage Cases are ALL THAT and 6 bags of Fritos...LOL.



  1. Hey, if it got the Frito and Boom Diggity designation it's fine with me. I would think it would be really good for travel and retreats, too! the handle makes it easy to tote around.

  2. They look great. they are probably easier to use than the drawer I have them laying in by my machine.

  3. I thought I heard someone squealing last night, must have been you, lol!


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