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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Swatch Buddies and Clam from Spring Quilt Market

There are a few interesting things that turned up in Kansas City.  I am fortunate enough to have some friends who went to Quilt Market and have brought back some cool things to show me.  The first one is Swatch Buddies.

I'm one of those folks who needs an actual piece to match to other fabrics so I think they would be very handy.

The other thing I saw that I liked are the Clam Shells by Clover Needlecarft.
 They will come in three sizes, small, medium and large.
 Just like those change purses we had as squeeze it and it opens.  I was told that a gal had made some and put a ribbon on one end and was going to use it as a Christmas Ornament and put gift cards inside.  I really liked that idea a lot.  I can think of so many uses for these cute little Clam Shells.  Here are just a few that quickly came to mind:
  • use for tooth fairy
  • sewing kit
  • secret treasures hidden for children
  • hold lipstick in your purse
  • hold jax and ball-I know you remember those things....and marbles too :)
  • travel jewelry case 
  • bobbin storage 
  • hide your candy stash from the kids
  • leave positive or love notes around the house hidden inside
  • stuff a fat quarter inside and give as a gift :)
  • stuff it with 100 dollar bills and send it to me...but only if you don't know what else to do with them!

You get the idea....just so many cute and fun things can be done with these Clam Shells.  Clover is always coming up with something new and interesting. 



  1. Like the idea of the CLam Shells. I have seen them, but never had one. Like the idea of hiding the $100.00 bills in it!! I'll send one right away!!

  2. hmm...wondering how big these are - I need to replace the "coin purse" I carry. It is starting to break apart.

  3. The Clam Shell could also be used for a thimble keeper... maybe you said that...

    The Swatch buddy is cool too, but its something that would never be where I needed it!!!! if I was shopping, it would be in the sewing room, and if I wanted to add/take a fabric it would be in my purse....

  4. The swatch buddy looks like a great tool for managing my stash. I don't have to pull EVERY piece of fabric out of the drawers to see if it matches something else. I'm like Beth, It'd never be where I need it. LOL!

  5. Well, I've been told (more 'n once, I'm afraid) that I've lost my marbles...and all change is kept in the piggy jar (or sometimes the dryer!), don't use lipstick and there simply is no place to hide in our house (it was even harder to hide in the camper!!), so I guess the only left is to collect those hundreds up for you. Yeah, you're not holding your breath are you??

    They do look cute tho - are they little kits or templates or what?

  6. And I thought you were going to send that $100 to me! Ah darn.


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