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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Good Enough vs you struggle too?

I'm so glad I'm not alone!  Something just told me I'd be in very good company with my struggle to integrate these polarities.

Warning: Photo Heavy Post!  You know if I have not blogged in a few days that I have all these blogs posts and photos all stored up in my mind..  I was thinking about sticking a USB into my ear to see if I could just download my blog posts directly from my brain to the computer...that would be PERFECT!  (If anyone dares to e-mail me and tell me this technology is already available....I will flip out!)

I changed the layout of this quilt a is the new layout.  The Union Jack strip on the right is actually three separate pieces I cut from the bottom of the panel.   Joining the three pieces became a real to get those darn things to join up was no easy least not for me.
Here are the two places that I joined them ....mind you...I put these together no less than three or four times. I used pins to line them up and I even went as far as to use double sided tape.  Look how badly they lined up.

What do you do in these circumstances?  Whens something isn't quite working out the way you want it to and you've sewn and unsewn over and over again?  I tried a glass of wine....nope...didn't work.  Then....I did what any reasonable person would do....I called Waldo and asked her if she would come to the rescue....

 Waldo to the rescue :)
 She suggested we hand sew/applique the pieces in place....WHY didn't I think of that?  Look  how nicely it came out.  I did ask her to do the first one...and then I did the second seam...I was feeling like a weenie.  See what the struggle for perfection can reduce an otherwise resourceful person to?  I'm sticking with "Good Enough" and to H E double hockey sticks with Perfection!!! (you may need to remind me of this from time to time...and I'll be kind and do the same for you :)

Now the "Perfection Thing" has passed (laughing under my breath) ...I went on to do some machine embroidery.  The embroidery machine I had been using was borrowed and I had to return it know what that means....get it all done quick.

 This is a Floriani Design and all of these are using Floriani Threads.   Ain't she purdy?
Another purdy one :)

The next one....well......lets just say that the universe was checking to see how well I have learned my lesson about perfection.
The top thread must have got caught in the bobbin...or some such thing...and I had to remove the design from the machine.   When I put it back in....look what happened.  The red area on the hummingbirds chest....that is supposed to be up on the flower and the big blue dot on the birds head....that was supposed to be in the center of the flower.  I am pleased to report that I will applique some fabric over this baby and make it work.  Anyone says anything...ever....I'll just say that's how it was supposed to be!  Ahhhh...I'm feeling the freedom :)

I told you there would be a lot....what can I say....I have not posted to my blog in 4 days!!!

Look what I got in the mail on Monday:
 A travel holder for my curling iron....isn't it beautiful?
My girlfriend, Jean, had made one and posted about  it here.  She offered to make me one so of course I said...oh yeah baby! :)  Look how beautiful she embellished it.  The button and flower really takes this curling iron cover from a utilitarian item and transforms it into a zippy piece of traveling art.

If you are still reading....I'm almost shocked!!!

Last evening I had to run to my friend Diane's house for a favor.  She had a belated birthday gift for me.  I was so surprised.  Look what she has made for me:

A snap purse made from Marcia Derse fabrics.  I had goose bumps and lots of them too.
Now I have two "Derse Purse's"....I think we should start calling them Derse Pursey's dumb doesn't it?  That happens sometimes.  

 But wait...there was more....can you believe this?
 The first one says, Rise and Whine and the second one says, Put on your big girl panties on and deal with it.  Too funny...I just love them.

Lots of presents....what a way to start the week ay?  I am one very lucky lady :)

As I was leaving Diane's house I saw this on the table....I couldn't help myself....had to take a pix of it to share with all of you:
Hope it leaves you giggling too.



  1. I love that last comic! LOL gave me the giggle I desperately need. :o) Thank you!

  2. Perfection always escapes me, but I have learned to live with it. Love the cartoon. It got a laugh out of me.

  3. I *SEW* need me a pincushion like that. Tee hee!

    Those embroidery birds are just gorgeous! All thsoe color changes... wow.

    It's nice to see Waldo's face. Saying a special hello to her. Thanks for your kind words about my curling iron thingy. I had fun making yours. Yours was the first using the flower and button embellishment.

    The London quilt is coming along nicely. You have more patience that I have. I would have fused the pieces together and then made my 1/4 inch seam from there...LOL (notice that my method wouldn't work). You dun good!

    Loving the Derse Purse, too! of course, you know I'm a big fan of her fabrics...

  4. Oh.... exactly why I'm currently in therapy! That darn word "enough" is very powerful..... While I've completely given up on being perfect - sometimes feeling "enough" will sideline me - paralyze me.... I finally decided that good enough was really good enough - and realized no one else expects perfection. But it's an interesting internal debate... daily!

  5. Hmm, I think I need to forget my impossible quest for perfection and just ask you to please post Waldo to my place as quickly as possible.

    I offer full room and board and we can teach her all about the Netherlands whilst she is here. (actually that sort of implies I'd be sending her back to you some time, but she's such a gem, I would have no intention of doing so)

    Another brilliant post... thank you!

  6. I love the galloping horse! We just talked about getting on her at our guild last night:-) also the last cartoon, too cute

  7. I'm a HUGE fan of good enough, lol, perfection will drive you crazy! The quilt looks wonderful and hooray for Waldo! Love the embroideries, especially that first one...oh I hate taking them off the machine, that always happens to me too. I don't remember how I got around that, I had it figured out at one point. Rise and new motto...and that cartoon is hysterical!!!

  8. Life is too short to obsess over perfection. I've truly learned that, and embrace it. I also feel life is too short for pinning, basting and hand-quilting, but many would argue with me.....

  9. I love your embroideries,Kelly and the curling iron holder is beautiful! I will have to make one now for my small traveling iron this is long with a handle! It is just gorgeous. What talent you girls have! I want Waldo living closer to ME... I love the 'cavalry charge'! too funny! I'm really glad you are having a great week and getting some sewing done! don't be surprised if Waldo turns up missing..........

  10. Thanks for a great post Kelly. I have a plaque here in my sewing room that says "Remember only God is perfect - our quilts don't need to be" and that's the way I roll!

  11. Gorgeous embroideries...ah, what a feeling, to let go of perfectionism. Wait a minute, it's wrapped itself around my ankle. Bah! LOL I think quilting is the therapy that has let me handle it better, anyway. I'm proud of what I can accomplish, and I tell the perfection monster to "begone!" Heehee!

  12. wow, what a post and glad you figured out the flag situation, I'm not a perfection, though sometimes straight lines that are crooked just stick out and I HAVE to fix them, other than that, it's JUST a quilt.... love all the goodies and what FUN comic at the end, can I "steal" that one? I did some embroidery too and it took my neighbor to spot that there was a bird in a tree I embroidered, I didn't even know, DUH...

  13. I need a Waldo... fabulous lining up. Perfection isn't necessary but sometimes it feels really good.

  14. With quilting I never worry about "perfection" I just want it to be pretty and snuggly. I think that perfect points are waaaay over-rated. (probably because I fail at that so many times) LOL.

    You will have to get an embroidery machine. I mean really! you should be hooked by now. hehehee

  15. I've struggled with perfection vs good enough too. It is hard because I like everything to be the very best. But if I insist on that, nothing will ever get completed. And the people who receive my quilts won't ever notice.

    Hurray for Waldo coming to the rescue.

  16. When things don't turn out right for me I throw a big fit...yep...kicking and screaming on the floor (mumuu and all) and then I do what all mature adults do, I hit my machine because we all know it couldn't be my fault. Glad you had a friend to the rescue.

  17. Kelly, when is your birthday? Mine is May 14th. Are you a Taurus like me? You seem like you might be. I know I totally act like a Taurus! Well, happy birthday to you! I think I am going to make one of those curling iron holders. Yours is so dang cute! My DIL is a hair stylist and would probably love one. I have lots of cute buttons. Now to go to that website and see if there are directions to making one.

  18. After the 2nd or 3rd rip and re-sew... I tend let it go.... and move on. Especially if it ain't never gonna match up!!! Although there are times when I must be perfect... Glad you are working it out!!!


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