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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Running Horses

I've heard it said, "if you can't see it on a running horse, than it's good enough."  Well, in this case the horse would need to be upside down!  LOL

Saturday is the Cub Scout Cross Over for my co-workers. I have to up-date the banner by Saturday and you can clearly see, I've been in a hurry.

Here is a close up....yep...I put the Wolf emblem on the fabric with the words up-side down.  Do you think I noticed that before I stitched it all down?  You are absolutely correct!  I did not notice until everything was stitched down.  After removing the stitches around each square, I then noticed I had stitched all around the wolves head too.  Oh joy in the morning! 
Start over?  No way....I just cut that part right out and flipped it around.  Now I'll stitch the Wolf emblem back on and no one will be the wiser (except for all of you :).
You can see I had a lot of little threads all over the place where I had pulled out the stitches.  My lint roller is downstairs and I needed to be upstairs watching for the school bus.  Scotch tape dispenser was empty....darn.  Then I noticed all those holiday address labels that everyone and their brother sends to us.  Mr. McSteamy hates them, but I can't stand to see them go in the trash....soooooo.....I used the adhesive side to take off all the threads.  Hurray!!!  Another re-purposing of things that just sit around :)

Sometimes ya just have to make lemonade :)



  1. Ha ha... I thought I was the only one that used a lint roller for those little threads. I will have to remember those address labels for that too though!

  2. You are too funny Kelly, but one smart cookie, have a great evening!!!

  3. Great save! I'm not sure I would have been as resourceful, maybe after cussin' a blue streak!

  4. Great idea for the labels. And to think I sit here with tweezers :)

  5. You are great at making lemonade....

    I felt your frustration tho.

  6. Way to make lemonade, girl, you crack me up - and we are SO much alike, lol!

  7. Super Save!! Clever cookie!! and it's our little secret!!

  8. Being right-side-up is overrated.....


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