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Monday, January 18, 2010

Digital Velocity Steam Iron V100 by Reliable Corp. Wins Two Thumbs Up

Rick is very picky about his irons.  He has bought 4 in the past 15 months.  I finally convinced him....well truth be known, Art from Reliable, convinced him that the Digital Velocity Steam Iron would be the best match for him.  I knew if I tried to explain it to him....he would just say...oh that's cool.  So I wrote to Art and asked if he would do a "guys run down" on how the iron worked and he did.  Thanks Art....You Rock!!! 

I opened the package and looked at the iron before Rick actually say it.  The hysterical thing is I could not figure out how the iron worked.  I looked and could not see how you could tell if it was on high or not.  So I left it on Rick's ironing board....yes we have two (actually 3) and he irons his clothes because he is a grown up and he can do big boy things...LOL.

Last night when Rick was ironing his clothes I asked him how he figured out when it was on high.  I figured it just beeped three times or something.  He said, "Kelly, you have to take off the little plastic protective covering on the iron to see the gauge."  Geez did I feel embarrassed.  

Rick said he likes the continuous steam and the fact that it does not leak....Hurray!!!  So much cheaper than paying for the last 4 irons....and of course....the stores won't take them back.  Guess there will be a few irons to sell at the garage sale this year. 



  1. I love this iron too! I blogged about it a few weeks ago when I did something like 4 straight hours of pressing. I couldn't believe not one spit or drip. The nirvana of irons. Love it!!

  2. I bought a Rowenta a while back and thought I would like it, nope not that great of an iron really. Maybe I should save up for one of those.

  3. I love to see men that can iron. Another reason Rick is a keeper!


  4. Funny, My husband has not ironed a day in his life, he will wear wrinkled clothes rather than iron.....hummmmm you are one lucky gal.

  5. I want this iron, but I have to get a job first.

  6. oh LUCKY you! to have a hubby that knows how to use an iron!!! I've been married for 13 years and mine has yet to ever touch one - not that I've not tried to show/teach him! That is one of our biggest arguments every so often... he thinks I should iron EVERY shirt in his closet and put them in there and I refuse b/c they'd just wrinkle up b/c there are too many... and ask that he simply take 5-7 out at a time and I'll press them for the week...

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  7. Are you sure this iron doesn't leak? Every iron I have tried has leaked even the Rowentta. Got rust spots on a white tablecloth from that one. Can't find one that I like.

  8. Nice little blog you have here. Funny to see a guy's review of an iron - do guys ever iron?

    Congrats on reaching one year! Here is to many more years :)

  9. Thanks for writing that useful post. Very professional review. Well done


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