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Monday, January 25, 2010

Do you EQ?

I Do (now) and I Love It!! 

If it were not for Darlene (SewCalGal) my EQ 6 would still be in the box.  Not  because I was not excited and not because I didn't want to learn....but because I thought it would take a lot of time to learn how to use the software.  Darlene said, "Kelly....15 minutes a day."  She was right. 

I got this book, EQ6 Simplified, because it works through 6 lessons.  I sort of decided to start this way I'm in EQ6 kindergarten. 

Here is Lesson One

Page One Lesson One
Each sentence told me what to do and had photos too so I would not get confused.  (This should be called the Idiots guide to EQ6....honestly)

Woo hoo, Kelly can read and click!!!
Ok, so Lesson One is the Kaleidoscope.  First I had blank template and the lesson walked me through getting the pattern in each square.  Remember, this is kindergarten for I did only as they instructed.  I learned quickly that I could just take off and keep playing but I wanted to learn each tool so I did my best to stay focused.....although highly tempted to keep investigating all the variations.

Here is my first design, if you will.

I clicked on a paint brush and chose a color/fabric and then just clicked on each area that I wanted to color in.

I have learned the colors don't show up because my camera was too close to the screen.  These should all be the same depth of color.  I found it interesting to change just a few things to see how different the blocks looked.  I could accentuate what ever design I wanted.  I think the person who wrote this Lesson knew how to engage a beginner.  I really picked up the idea quickly by following along in the book and then I just started working/playing.  I'm warning you...don't drink coffee while starting this Lesson.  My heart was pumping and I got excited and if I had had some coffee....I would have been up all night kidding.

A few more changes....and it looks different.

I changed the color pallet and decided to highlight some other patterns in the same template.  Look how cool this one looks.

This is the same pattern but look how different it looks.  You may not like the colors but I'm just learning to use the tools so I just picked anything that would not ruin my eye sight...LOL

Here is is again....different colors.

I decided to play with red and white so I just whited out some of the design and started playing with red and white.  I then thought of trying black in there too.....but my 15 minutes was up. 

I'm hooked.  I know I will continue with my lessons because I want to be able to build on my skills.  Isn't it interesting how different my "quilts" look compared to the photo in Lesson One above....all just a click of a button to preview another option.

I have a very difficult time deciding on fabrics for quilt projects.  I have auditioned and auditioned fabrics and then decided upon a combination.  Once it is cut out....I did not like the way the colors or shapes looked together. (Remember my Sizzling Circles?  I cut out 4 different leaves....all batiks....did not like a single one even though the fabric next to the background looked good at the beginning.)  Not any more....this is like a crystal ball....I can see it first then ....change it around if I want to....try different combinations....never having cut one piece of my lovely fabric. 

Thank You Darlene for the encouragement and Thank You Electric Quilt Company (Sarah :)  for the wonderful software....I Love It!!!

Big Smiles,


  1. EQ is THE BEST!!! And it saves so much time and money on the "I had an idea, I wonder what it would look like" side of design.

  2. Kelly. I'm really, really, really impressed. You did it! 15 minutes of EQ playtime (aka lessons). Don't you just love EQ? I love what you created! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Hubby bought me EQ5 as a surprise a few years back and I never learned to use it. Someone suggested I upgrade to EQ6 but I'm fearful of spending the money to do that in case I do the same thing with EQ6....that is, don't LEARN it.

  4. LOL... It's like a coloring book software for quilters. Gee, I think I'd be playing on that all day and not sewing...

    I see that as being VERY dangerous for me.

    Does it also give you the option of creating cutting templates for your designs?

  5. I love my EQ6. The possibilities are endless. Being able to view a design before you cut into your fabric is great. I have designed a block, but once I put it all together it didn't flow. EQ6 gives you the opportunity to make the changes needed and make an okay quilt a GREAT quilt.'s so much fun!!

  6. Looks like you are having a wonderful time.....

  7. Maybe I need to find that book to help me get started.

  8. Forget 'learning' EQ. Just play. When you get stuck wanting to do something you can go to the book and work it out!
    For me it long ago replaced solitaire and the used to be favourite jigsaws!

  9. I think the orange and browns work well...

  10. Kelly - Santa did not bring me the EQ Simplified Book I had on my list:( I was a good girl I swear! Can I order it from you by chance? I need it because my EQ is getting dusty. Thanks:)

  11. I traded up from EQ5 (which I hardly used) to EQ6. I have not used this very much either. Your blog was very inspirational. I am slightly computer challenged...and I work in the sewing machine field, which in turn makes me not want to do very much in this field on days off!! Double edge sword so to speak! I will dig out this book (as I own all the books too) and try to do some wonderful thing too!!

  12. If I won eq6 I could justify getting my own computer:)! Pesently share computer with DH - interupts just when I'm part thru a project..LEM


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