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Friday, January 22, 2010

A Store Gets a Return AND A Gift???

I wonder how many stores get a returned item along with a gift for the owner?  IHAN does :)  I sent Barb Gaddy a Bendable Bright Light (actually my husband packaged it) and it had an international plug on the end.  The company had sent it to me in error and since my husband was helping with packaging he never noticed. 

Barb and I had several e-mails back and forth and we were both scratching our heads.  I did not understand what she was talking about and she had no clue as to what I was saying.  Then she sent a had the international plug on it.  ROFL

Once we discovered why were unable to understand one another....I immediately shipped Barb another BBL but this time it had the correct plug.  She sent me back the other one and inside the box was this beautiful fabric.  Thank you so very much Barb!! 
I have some of the best customers in the world!!
My family even received a lovely Christmas gift from Jocelyn, Happy Cottage Quilter.  Can you believe that?

I have always believed there were more wonderful people in the world than the not so wonderful one's you hear about.  It is true....and I am fortunate enough to know a whole slew of amazing people.

Grateful Smiles,


  1. Always said "what goes around comes around". You are worth all the fun little stuff you get. :)

  2. Kelly you are certainly one of those wonderful people, and I am grateful to know you and count you as a friend.

  3. Actually, I felt bad, usually I have a craft item laying around that I can send but I was all out...infact I was going to dedicate today to making some items for when I send stuff but....too busy cleaning the spare room, which means all the spart stuff comes into my sewing room....shesssshhhh but glad you liked it...still waiting for my light...can't wait....about ready to bust with excitment

  4. Quilters are the most generous people and we know a good person when we have the opportunity to meet them, even if it is on electronically. You are that great, fun person.

  5. You are such such a nice person and loved by many!


  6. I especially enjoy your blog. The quilts, blocks, embroidery, and all of the creative work you show, is beautiful and breathtaking.


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