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Friday, January 1, 2010

Simplicity Bias Taper Maker Machine & The Bendable Bright Light Best Sellers at IHAN

Best Sellers at IHAN in 2009 Were:

If you don't own a Bendable Bright are missing out big time.  Absolute Truth!!!  Every person who has bought one has been thrilled.  You won't believe how bright this light is and how much better you can see when using it.  You can get an extra bracket and move it between machines if you like.  You can use it on your quilting hoop, electric saw.....anywhere you need some focused very bright light.  Suggested Retail is 49.99 and IHAN sells it for $35.00 every day.  You think I'm kidding about how great it is?  Take the are not absolutely satisfied....I'll pay for the return shipping (and refund your money of course :).

The other huge seller last year was the Bias Tape Maker Machine by Simplicity.

This machine so totally rocks!!!  After seeing it demonstrated at Quilt Market and other Trade Shows....I knew I had to have one.  Did I absolutely need one?  No!!  So, why did I buy it?  Everyone knows you can make bias tape by hand or use one of the hand held bias tape makers right?  Right!  But, I have always burnt my fingers using the hand held ones and I want it to be painless and trouble free.  The Simplicity Bias Tape Maker Machine is painless and trouble free.  I have not had one single return....not one.  Everyone I know who owns one....loves it!!!   

Running closely behind the Bias Tape Maker is the Simplicity Rotary Cutting Machine.  It makes a pressure cut in your fabric and cuts fabric into strips from 3/8in to 2 3/4in wide.  Perfect for cutting fabric strips for strip quilts, rugs and works well on paper too!!!  You can get a variety of replacement blades including the Large Wave Blade.  Suggested retail price is 74.99 and IHAN sells it everyday for $54.99!!! View the video demonstration here.

I've gotten to know Mimi Smith, Product Manager, for Simplicity. Every single question I have ever asked about any Simplicity product she has answered and typically within the same day. My hat goes off to Simplicity and wisdom in hiring and having Mimi because she makes me trust Simplicity products more.

Speaking of Simplicity, the Simpli-EZ Bias Ruler, designed by Susan Brown, has been an excellent seller.  It makes cutting fabric on the bias so easy that you will never use anything else.  It is a great compliment to the Bias Tape Maker Machine.

(I know I digress....but this will give you some background on why I sell what I sell and IHAN values and beliefs)

I have no tolerance for buying something and it does not do what it claims to do. Just ask the return departments at Best Buy, Target, Wal Mart, JC Penny, Kohls and Meijers. I'm sure Kelly Jackson's name has been registered as a "regular returner!" I'm proud of that. I have absolutely no qualms about returning anything that does not meet my expectations (just ask my So if I own it and recommend know it works and works well!!

IHAN has sold so many pair of Jackpot Scissors that I keep several in stock ready to ship at a moments notice.  These scissors are made by Famore for Simplicity

Lois, an East Coast IHAN Scout, has un-sewn an entire quilt using her Jackpot Scissors.  Suggested Retail is 18.00 and IHAN's everyday price is $14.00.

Another brief digression....thanks for indulging me. 

Remember the Scissor Man?  Brint?  He and his wife, Michaelann, own Famore Cutlery and their company provides these wonderful scissors to Simplicity and several other companies.  Small world isn't it?

"The Scissor Man"

Onward to the next huge seller of 2009.  The Protect and Grip Thimble by Clover.  It comes in a Large, Medium and Small. Suggested Retail is $8.95 and IHAN sells them for $7.50 every day.

We discovered these wonderful thimbles in Pittsburgh at Quilt Market.  Mary Jane struck up a conversation with Jan Carr, COO/VP of Sales and Marketing, from Clover.  Jan suggested Mary Jane try the Protect and Grip Thimble.  She has tried almost every thimble on the market.  When Mary Jane says this is a great can believe it!!  

I wish I could take credit for the "discovery" of the Protect and Grip Thimbles by Clover.....but that honor goes to Mary Jane, Director of East Coast Operations for IHAN.  She struck up a conversation with Jan Carr, CEO, for Clover at the Pittsburgh Quilt Market.  I've never seen Mary Jane so excited about anything since her Bendable Bright Light.  She is a Thimble "Expert" and if she recommends know it Rocks!!!  I hate wearing a thimble....but I can wear the Protect and Grip Thimble. won't be disappointed!

If you don't know what GrabARoo's need to and you'll thank me for the introduction :)

The gals from GrabARoo, Audrey House, Miriam Selzer and Tracy George started their company in 2006.  These are by far the best Sewing/Quilting gloves I've ever tried.  They don't snag when you pull them over your rings.  They are made from Nylon with  PVC dots on the finger tips....both sides!!! 

I discovered I was pulling my fabric when stitching and when I wear my GrabARoo's, I don't pull the fabric because they grip the fabric for me.  I also wear them when I scrapbook.  My mailman, Loren, wears them everyday....compliments of GrabARoo and IHAN :)  If you love your postal carrier....leave a pair in your mail box!!! 

Mistyfuse is another huge seller at IHAN. We first learned about Mistyfuse at the Pittsburgh Quilt Market.

Iris Karp, (owner/developer of Mistyfuse, Transdoodle & the Goddess Sheet), demonstrated how to use Mistyfuse and I was gah gah instantly. I was so impressed with the light weight fusible I carried a piece of it with me and told other shoppers about it. Iris probably thought I was off my rocker but I found it difficult to hide my enthusiasm.

Olfa Replacement Blades are a must for anyone using a hand held Rotary Cutter.  I have a 45mm Ergonomic Rotary Cutter by Olfa and I love it.  It is easy on my wrist and the blade is simple for me to replace.  There has been a special sale price at IHAN for the 45mm Olfa Replacement Blades (Blog Readers only $14.00).  The sale has been my way of thanking my readers and helping them to save their Joann's coupons for other things!!!  (Joann's is not a dirty word....although in some circles you would think it

There may be a few packages of replacement blades left.  If you need to add some to your stash you need to e-mail me at to get the Blog Reader Price.

So there you have it....the top sellers at IHAN last year.  I am excited to go to Quilt Market in Minneapolis in May and learn about even more really cool Notions and Fun New Stitching and Sewing items.



  1. I adore my bias tape maker. That thing is the bomb! Beats burnt fingers...

  2. All I can say is will you quit it!!! Seriously, you are truly killing me, between rolling on the floor with laughter or wanting your awesome if I got the light, how much would that cost me with shipping?

  3. Great products. I also love your vacumm attachment for cleaning my sewing machine, your twizzers that pick very fine thread (great for reverse sewing/embroidery), your EQ6, your AccuQuiltGo and all of your other product!


  4. Okay, Kelly, I'm really curious about the bias maker. I will be back later today to reread this post and to check it out.

    You've got my attention now.


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