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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dragon Fly Quilt and a New Work Bench

Meet Bill Kniss!!  This was his first paper pieced quilt and I think it came out great.

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I was so impressed when I saw his quilt.  He was dropping it off to be quilted at The Quilt House in Maumee when I met he and his wife Denise.  Bill said he made this as a gift for a woman in California who had given him some football tickets.  What a nice
thank you gift!!

Here at IHAN the saws and drills are running loud today.  You ask, "Kelly, is Rick building you a custom counter for your sewing?"  My reply, "Not today :(   He has learned to take good care of himself and today he is doing just that.  :)

But it looks like just a great height for me, don't you think?  I can imagine a wonderful custom built sewing area.....but I've had a great working space since we moved here 4 years ago.  Rick has not had a work bench in the house, only in the garage.  Today is the exciting day that he will have his own work space inside too.  I truthfully and very excited for him.  He was sad when we moved from our home in South Carolina.  He and his father built a wonderful work bench and we moved and had to leave it there.  But....don't even think for one minute that I am not also thinking....oh yea baby....I want a wonderful counter with real cupboards etc.  But with all the work I have been doing lately....I don't sew I guess mine can wait.  LOL



  1. That's a nice bench that Mr. Notion is building. A man has to have his workspace...LOL

    Mr. Bill quilts well! Love that dragonfly! Bravo!

  2. Bill's quilt is beautiful. I love it and I'm very impressed.

    Rick's workbench is going to be wonderful. Great height and design. I'm happy he is "practicing" with his workbench, as I'm sure he'll build you your own workbench that will even be nicer than his! A man can not live without a good workbench!


  3. WOW, love that quilt. Yah for his workbench. Maybe you can be next. haha

  4. So.....he builds a workstation so it's easier for him to build one for you. His thought process is to get his things in order so yours will be perfect.

  5. OH, the paper pieced quilt was very cool too! Nice gift!


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