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Friday, January 29, 2010

GrabARoo's Stop

Do you remember Loren, my weekday mailman? Loren knocked on the door yesterday and asked if I hand any more GrabARoo's.

The best part of the story is that the previous day Loren had stopped to pick up packages and when he picks them up he knocks on my door and hand delivers my mail.  I had been laying on the sofa because I was up with a sick co-worker.   He knocks, I get up and go to the door.  Rick walks in the back door and there I stand looking like I had just woken up and Loren is there with mail at the door.  Looks suspicious!! 

The next day Loren knocks on the door needing a new pair of  GrabARoo's.  While I ran downstairs to get the gloves, Rick comes in the side door for lunch and Loren was standing at the door.  Good thing my mother was here to collaborate my story!!

Good think my husband knows I don't lie....otherwise I might be in hot water.  GrabARoo's really are the best....I've never ever heard one complaint about them.  Typically people re-order more after they see how great they are.  Then they order for their mail carriers as gifts. 

You may have noticed that I only blog about things I really believe are quality products and worth the investment.  Some might call it Marketing....I think that is for people who are trying to make sales.  I do this for my pleasure and I feel blessed to be able to love what I do.  I like to think of what I do as product testing from a users perspective.   



  1. Thanks for the heads up. I may need to order a pair for Gus, our mailman. I owe him big....

  2. I call it a good read, you are so humorous....

  3. Thank you for the grabaroo hot tip!!
    Thank you for dropping by!

  4. You have a lot of creditibility with me. If you tell me it is a great product I'm convinced. I know I'll soon order some grab-a-roos from you, but I have a couple pairs of quilting gloves that will soon be ready for the trash. My next pair of gloves will definitely be your grab-a-roos.

    You have great insights...keep sharing and I'll keep reading!


  5. My husband is a vendor for a break and snack cake company. He wears gloves when he loads his truck. He needs durable but he also needs them pliable enough so he can lift the product. We have a hard time finding them for him. Are these tough enough to hold up to that or are they like Machingers that are great for quilting but wouldn't last a day on a bread route? I just thought if the mailman had them hold up then maybe they'd work for my husband. He wears out other gloves about every other month.

  6. I was playing Farm Town a couple of weeks ago and had a lady doing my farm. We got talking and turns out her son is a mail man. She said his hands were a mess because of the cold and he couldn't wear gloves as he'd drop the mail. I mentioned the GrabARoos (gave the link to your store page for easy reference) and she said she'd look into it.

    Don't know if she did, but it broke my heart knowing all these mail carriers are suffering the effects of the cold with chapped, cracked and peeling hands. I did see that mine had gloves on.


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