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Thursday, January 14, 2010

We Can Help Those In Haiti, I Know We Can

Here is a link I found that gives lots of places to donate.  Money is reportedly the best way to help because the folks who are providing supplies and staff can use the money to get the supplies needed in an organized fashion.

I will be sending money....I encourage everyone to do the same or help in some way that you can.  No matter if it is $1 ..... or many dollars.....that could be each one of us....scared and suffering.  I would want to know that the people of the world cared and would help.

We were able to raise 1200.00 for the children in Romania (donated to the Green Fairy Quilt Charity).  We sent over 40 boxes of needed supplies to American Samoa for the Tsunami relief efforts (  I am wondering what we can do for Haiti.

Leave me a comment or if you prefer to be private...send me an e-mail and let me know how much you will donate and I will work with companies to get our donations matched for Haiti.  How does that sound?  For now, all I need is a commitment.  Once I know our monies will be matched, I will give you the rest of the information we will need to proceed.

We can make a big difference....I just know we can.



  1. You are so wonderful to do do we donate to you....I don't know if I trust alot of the non profit organizations. I may just donate to my church...but i will trust you...just let me know...

  2. I was going to donate through texting to the American Red Cross, but if you are organizing a money drive, let me know with an email. I'll wait to donate until I hear from you.

  3. I sent a donation to's Haiti earthquake fund. My heart is just broken... I just can't stop thinking that by the grace of God goeth I.

    My heart cries for these people. I just can't imagine the sense of helplessness...

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Kelly we donated through Yele...check this link.
    You can do by cellphone or direct by CC.
    So devastating for these poor folks who already had such a hard way to go.
    Just makes our own whines so insignificant doesn't it..

  6. Kelly, I donated to Red Cross yesterday, but I would like to put in $20 here. That's $40 with a match! Just let me know where and when to send it!


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