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Monday, January 4, 2010

Sheila's Sewing Miniatures

Visit a friend....what is that?  It had been so long I had forgotten what it was like to actually go alone to someones house to do nothing more than visit.  That is exactly what I did on Sunday afternoon and I had a ball.  I went to Sheila's house and she had these really cute sewing miniatures.  She made the sewing cabinets in the last three photos. 

They are sooooo cool.  How fun to make little sewing cabinets.  Good thing she did not use my sewing area as a model......the stuff would be all scattered and it would not be near as much fun.

Everywhere I go I carry my camera.  I feel like I take the whole blog world with me where ever I go.  I love having the Internet to be able to show people things that are interesting and neat.  It would not be the same if I called on the phone and said, "hey I got to visit with Sheila and she had some really neat sewing miniatures." saves a lot of phone calls and tons of time zone change difficulties....LOL



  1. Glad you got some you time....and thanks for taking your camera!!

  2. My camera travels also. It is so great to share adventures with blogging friends:) Kelly I have a product question...can you get those Gene bobbin disks that are mentioned on 365 days of machine quilting's sight? I am interested in some and wondered if it is something you might carry or have product tested. Thank you:) Jenna Louise

  3. how cute, i love the little sewing machines and cabinets..

  4. Love the little sewing machines and cabinets. Yes the camera is my buddy. I've often wanted to take pictures of people, but it's hard to do that with strangers. It's fun to look for things through the eye of the camera lens :-)

  5. Very cute! Have those birds come in yet to roost? lol...


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