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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Where Is The Red Carpet When You Need It?

Oscar de la Renta  ....move over.....IHAN socks are going to run you off the red carpet!!!  I can't think of anything more wonderful to wear down the Red Carpet can you?  (do not answer that question)

A Red Carpet Event for me means one of my co-workers has spilled their V8-Splash onto the carpet.  None the less, I want to be dressed in the latest and greatest for these events too.  Tonight I finally made another pair of Spanky Fleece Socks!  I loved the pattern on the fleece I had so I used it to make the second pair.

People were asking me how you make a sock out of one piece of fleece.  Below are some photos that I hope help answer those questions.

See how the heel comes up to meet the foot at the ankle?

This is a photo of the sock turned upside down so you could see the back.

If I would have gone upstairs and re-painted my toenails this would not be posted so I decided....if they are good enough for me....they are good enough to show how I customized my new socks.  If you can't stand my little chips in my toe nail polish....just get a sharpie in the same color....and color it in on your computer screen.

I used a chalk liner to and traced around my foot so I could sew the sock to the shape of my foot.

Here you can see the chalk line.  Keep in mind you might want to do this for both feet.  Because if you trace the same foot on'll have two right feet for socks.  Quit know if I thought about it you just might have done it too :)
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Remember the first pair I made on Tuesday?  Well, I was so excited that I promised myself I would not take them off until I made myself another pair.  On the left is the first pair and on the right is the second pair.  Hmmmm....I'm wondering how much longer I could have possibly worn them?  I wish I would promise myself I would not eat unhealthy food and I would get 8 hrs a sleep each night and actually hold myself to it.....but these fleece socks are so much more fun :)

 I think I like the second pair a little more.  After drawing my foot out and stitching the outline, they feel like a wonderful new custom build Yacht for my feet. ROFL

Joyous Smiles,


  1. Forgive me...but how do they stay up? did I miss that part? I love them....would be a great gift for people at Christmas time...and maybe for me when I go home in November during the cold season????

  2. You crack me up. I would guess that a custom sock is more gooder....

  3. Oh Brother!! Woman, you need to get some orders to occupy your brain! These socks....has anyone told you that you are goofy??

  4. OH...but we do love ya anyway!! hugs!

  5. I love these socks. My feet are always cold and these look like they would keep them warm. They would also not bind my leg so that I could stand to keep them on all night. My mom would love a pair to wear in the nursing home. Actually she'd have to have several pair because she would want them on all the time.

  6. Where is the pattern for these?? I NEED these!!

  7. echoing Barb and Reenie, how do they stay up, and where can I find the pattern/tutorial????


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