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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Free Shipping at IHAN Dec 1-5, 2010 US Orders Only

IHAN is offering

FREE SHIPPING on Orders over $75.00
December 1 -5, 2010

Orders under $75.00 will be sent a payment request for shipping.
International orders, please e-mail

I guess an old dog can learn a thing or two from some young people (daughters).  They kids said Cyber Monday is all about Free Shipping and that is what they were doing so they did not have to ship their gifts.  They suggested I do the same and so I "attempted" to update my website to make this happen.  What happens instead?  I crashed the website!!!  Or should I say, Kindness Killed the IHAN website....ROFL. 

Everyone who took a button had to do it two and perhaps three times.....I am SOOOO SORRY.  I'm a "Techno Tabula Rasa."  It is true....clearly.  However, I believe huge team of very knowledgeable folks have repaired the issue and I can now get into the IHAN website.....which is a good thing.

For those of you who wrote me initially to tell me that they were displaying the IHAN Button or had IHAN on their sidebar, I have not forgotten you.  I am planning an Appreciation Event of stay tuned and you'll hear from me.

Now I can get back to our regularly scheduled programming.....more Quilt Market photos etc.....hurray :)

Smiles of Relief,


  1. I have to hit the lottery so I can get all I want from your site, lol! Too late for the shipping though. I'm glad you got it all fixed with your site hon!

  2. what a nice thing!

    I have one on my blog also (but I put it on my own servers) -

  3. I am glad you were able to get it straightened out.
    I remember that from my days at web designing, never link to another's photo;)


  4. I too learned about "hot linking" (linking to someone else's photo) years ago.
    Glad it is resolved.


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