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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Checker Distributor 63rd Anniversary Open House

Sunday and Monday I was busy out shopping and gathering photographs at the Checker Distributor 63rd Anniversary Open House.    Each year it seems to get bigger and better.  This year I think there were 30 designers....and all right in my back to speak...LOL.  (I live 15 minutes away)

Rob Krieger is the owner and President of Checker Distributor.   Rob and his amazing staff really went out of their way to help shop owners learn about all the latest books, techniques and notions.  Classes were held and lunch provided both days....I'm telling ya they spoil all of  the shop owners. 

Not only were the orders being processed on the spot so folks could save on shipping....they even loaded their cars and vans with their purchases.
 These guys are really good at stuffing a van....I don't know how they do it.

This is what the floor looked like when you walk into the wearhouse.  The designers were along the left and then down the back isle....lots and lots of fun and interesting things.  I made sure to wait until I could actually see the booths before I took a picture.  Most of the days this wearhouse was so full of people you couldn't see the booths.

These are the friendly guys who were at the loading dock....they also loaded vans and cars....I grabbed a photo before the next van pulled in for their pick up.  I love being greeted by friendly faces and these guys always wave back and smile when I shout out the van window to them.  Yes...they know me...I don't just shout at folks...LOL....well...not normally anyway.

The following photos are just some I took of their Trunk Shows and some quilts that were displayed.  I did a good job of limiting myself and not taking hundreds of pictures.


I'll be reviewing this book and doing a giveaway soon :)

These are some of the quilts that were hanging in the warehouse.  I'll be adding these patterns to IHAN soon...if you want one before they are added....just leave a comment at the end of this post with your e-mail addy and I'll get back to ya :)

Big Ten by Swirly Girls Design
Bird Quilt- Complete Collection by Debra Gabel

All of that was Sunday and is what the warehouse looks like....can you even begin to imagine the work that goes into the Checker Open House?  It blows my mind every year!!! 

I'll be posing photos of each of the designers I visited and share more about what I learned and saw in coming posts.



  1. What a place to shop, lol. I used to go to a local warehouse when I ran a craft business, always fun to browse the shelves, but you had to find things, no nice displays.


  2. Looks like you had a great time. Don't you just love Debra Gable of Zebra Designs? She's a member of my quilt guild and just amazing!

  3. Great photos Kelly. I feel like a kid in a candy store just looking at it all.

  4. Looks like you dug in there and did some research for your customers.

  5. I'm totally digging that quilt featured on the lazy girl design. I've got the ruler and I can do that one!


    And the Nancy Halvorsen stuff below is just yummy! Loving the shapes! Totally highlights that beautiful fabric line!!!!!

  6. Oh, good golly, what fun! I just LOVE it when you take us with you on your adventures, it's just sensory overload!! I thought I was in love, when I saw those hibiscus, but then I scrolled down to those adorable little teapots (which probably aren't so little!). And they are FABRIC?? How charming!!! I've seen the fabric-wrapped rope baskets, but TEApots? Is there no end to the creativity?

    Thanks for sharing this sneak peek - can't wait to see what else you found!!

    BTW - am loving the blog header (not sure when you changed it (again), but I noticed it today!! Love it!

  7. Wow! That just looks like so much fun! Any time you want to do a blog hop and some reviews of all those new goodies, I'm up for it -- just holler at me, OK?!

  8. Hi there,
    I think the book looks interesting. I am always looking for new ways to finish a quilt border. Would be interesting to browse for sure.


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