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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Many Hats We Wear

Here at IHAN sometimes we need to dig deep to find our creativity.....which may just require a change of hats.  Ya just never know where or when your inspiration will hit....for example......

Perhaps you'll find it while on Safari.
If you are anything like comes from messes....lots and lots of messes as I pull out every piece of fabric I own...then I get my friends to bring theirs over too...sometimes I have to dig deep to find my creative stride.

And then again, others find may require just another creative shift.....Petals

When Petals don't do it....perhaps ya just need to light a fire under your butt.....or

 Get a little Crazy.....(wild music plays in the background...Jean said she didn't  peg me for Bobby Brown or Will wrong she was).
 Sometimes it takes a little Funk to find your stride :)
Then there's always the Super Fly Cheetah that you channel to get your mojo workin'
And just when I thought I was at the end of my creative jag....I phoned Mrs. Rosemary and asked her to bring her wild self over ....and make sure she has some "screamin" batiks in tow :)

Waldo's conundrum was wanting a spider web on a collage she is doing and she didn't know how to do it.  You know what I said....."MISTYFUSE GIRLFRIEND".....I just posted on how to make thread art with Mistyfuse and once again....Mistyfuse to the rescue.   I got her a big piece of foam and she put some pins in it and started winding a spider web....
Then I sprayed it with some starch....and dried it with an embossing gun.  (Waldo didn't know embossing guns are hot, hot, hot and she burned the first we did another one...just use a hair dryer if you do this).
And then Waldo had a spider web'ish embellishment for her project.  But wait....we need to make it stay on the you know what I guessed it.  I put some Mistyfuse on top and and pressed it very well (this time I left out the photo of me sorry but we were having fun and I wasn't being methodical...just horsing around).

Believe it or not....we pressed it in place and I didn't even take a photo....guess we were having too much fun. 
The moral of the story is....when you get stuck on a project....change wild music....and invite other consenting adults to get crazy with ya!

Smiles and giggles,



  1. Oh Kelly, I really love love your humor! Thanks for the great advice!!

  2. Super Fly Cheetah could inspire ANYTHING! Thanks for a big laugh today!

  3. Silly is fun, sometimes we just have to goof off, once in awhile;)


  4. The next time that I have a creative block, I'm inviting you and your "crew" over! What a fun time!!

  5. Oh Kelly, I am still laughing. Gotta love someone who loves what they do!

  6. Crazy is fun AND it brings out the creativity. After all, the worst you can do is "fail" -but if you are having fun is it a failure.

  7. My grandmother always said that you were not dressed without a hat and gloves...I'm waiting to see the matching gloves!

  8. OK, apparently I'm in my own fog, 'cuz it took me till the 3rd picture to figure out I'd miss-read the first line. Somehow, I read "dig deep to FUND our creativity" and it took a while to figure out the hat connection. Now that I'm with ya, I can appreciate the humor! :)

    I don't have any hats (Texas wind & all), but I switch up projects left & right! Last week I did a Christmas wall-hanging (yippeeee - sold it in 5 minutes!!), today I did a similar one in Halloween fabric. Tomorrow, I'll go back to making fabric tote bags!! No tellin' what'll come out next week, but I think it's gonna be a child's matching game with embroidered tokens. Stay tuned!!

  9. Love Misty fuse. It is a little confusing to get the procedures, but it does a great job.

  10. You just make me :)
    thanks for the fun post!!

  11. Fun post. Whatever Jean is working on looks pretty amazing, do we get to see?


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