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Friday, August 19, 2011

Impressive Young People

Have you ever met young people that you were so impressed by that you just wanted to tell everyone you know?  It happened to me this I'm telling everyone I know. 

I was out front watering the flowers and the boys were playing with their friends when two young fells pulled up and got out of their vehicle and approached my house.  I'm very protective of my children so I headed towards them and the fella on the left, Lyndell, walks up with a big ole smile and says I have an appointment....then quickly follows with, "I'm just kidding."

Lyndell hands me his business card and says he owns  Heavenly Sunlight Window Cleaning and he just wanted me to know about his service...if I'm not big deal...just wanted to let me know and maybe the information would come in handy one day.

I was so impressed with Lyndell and his co-worker, Marcus, that I wanted to know more about them.  Most young people I know will apply for jobs, typically on the Internet, and then wait to hear from folks....not these two fellas...they were beating the pavement with the confidence and friendliness of young people from ages gone by.  I'm sorry to say many young people don't even know how to start a conversation because of tweeting, instant messaging and text messaging....not Lyndell and Marcus....friendly, outgoing, resourceful, energetic and confident.  I'd be proud if they were my children that is for sure.

How could I not blog about them?  If you are local these fellas are definitely for hire...willing to work so if you need windows cleaned or anything else that requires some strong young men....Lyndell and Marcus are the guys for you. 

I know you want to know what in the h-e-double hockey sticks those quilt pix have to do with Lyndell and Marcus....absolutely nothing...I just know quilters want eye candy when they read and I wanted to keep your attention...ROFL :)

Ok, back to the subject....if you are local - Toledo Ohio Area- you need help....please call Lyndell Osborne at 888-840-0626 or visit his website at and tell them they came well recommended!  NO...I'm not related to either of them...met them both for the first time this week AND I'm not getting a discount....this is from my heart because I would do anything to help folks who are out helping themselves in such an impressive way.

With or without all of us....these two will be successful in life....they have what it takes....what a pleasure to have had them stop by.



  1. It is so satisfying to see young men out putting forth an effort to work when (from experience working a farm) you hire someone to work and they may do 30 minutes worth of work for their 8 hour pay. That really irritates me raw!

    I wish these 2 young men tons of success in their business venture and can see big things happening for them if they will just shoot for the stars!

  2. Great post! I wish them much success!

  3. How very nice Kelly. We had a young many to inspect the roof of our old house who was SO polite and courteous. He really was a breath of fresh air. It's nice to know there are still young people out there with good work ethics and manners.

  4. I wish those boys had shown up on my doorstep today...I spent the day with windex and rags washing my own windows! :o/

  5. Oh Kelly, what a wonderful story....ver refreshing. Loved all the pictures!!

  6. nice! Great story & wonderful eye candy! Definitely kept *my* attention!

  7. That was so great that you posted about those industrious young men on a positive note. Yes...there is work out there, if you're NOT lazy.

    Several years ago, my nephew (wife, 3 kids) by marriage lost his job. He started washing windows... businesses & homes. He contributed financially to his family for about a year doing this hard, sweaty work.

    My son was in Human Resources for a huge Security Company in CA, and hated it, so he quit. He now owns a large janitorial company that is doing so well, he's hiring more people. The last 3 years (during these tough economic times) his business has grown every year about 25%. Say what???

    Hard work pays off....NOT laziness. I wish these two young men the very best with their new venture.

    Great post, Kelly....and the quilts were a fun addition.

  8. What a great thing to see!! So many young people today don't know the meaning of hard work, industriousness, and courtesy. It's always wonderful to get a helping hand, but it's even better to GIVE a helping hand! I love that you've done just that! Great job!!

  9. Kelly, Thank you so much for putting a post on about Heavenly Sunlight. Marcus is my son and we ARE very proud of him! Lyndell is one of the nicest men I've ever met. They cleaned my windows and honestly they've never been this clean before, and are staying clean even after rainstorms. Your blog site is very pretty; I have many quilting friends here in Wood County. I'm a seamstress and a knitter. Best wishes!

  10. I wish them all the best, good for them for taking the initiative in this terrible economy! I hope they do well.


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