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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Make Yourself At Home

Edited to add Jean's Blog link

Oh please do....Make Yourself At Home....Don't ya just love this coaster?  I found it at my Mom's house over the weekend.  A friend sent them to her....I have to make myself some of those....way too good.
My blogging buddy, Lois Grabowski (well that's her old pen name) is coming for a visit next week....I better get some of these fast...LOL :)  Speaking of Lois...she is "coming out" as herself with her new blog....can you believe it has her real name?  When I get the link I"ll share it with everyone.  I have always enjoyed reading her blog so if you like fun blogs.  Pop over to visit Jean's new blog

I've been taking it easy and doing my best to get healthy.  Typically I just talk about stitching related stuff....but since I've slowed down a bit....I've really gotten my hands messy.  See for yourself:

Green gewwww....yucky!!!  The co-workers and I mixed up some fun last evening.  We made some glow in the dark chalk.  It didn't quite set properly so we were forced to use paintbrushes.
Gotta love the art here at IHAN
Googlie Eyes
Zach left a little message for his Daddy in the driveway.

This morning I rise early...get the boys ready for their camp and head down the road.  30 minutes later we arrive at the Toledo Zoo.
Yep....all ready to go with sunscreen applied and his lunch...paper airplane in tow.
Then there is my unique son....yep he claims he is ready for the day.  Check out his shoes!!!

You know the first words out of my mouth were, "Please Zach tell me you have the other sandal here in the fan."  His response, "Nope."  Apparently Zach wanted to wear his boots and one of the straps is broken so he solved the problem by wearing a sandal on the other foot.  Sometimes ya just have to let go....I did and he is walking around today with two different shoes.
I think this was Zach's self portrait....he drew it last week during his Animal Artist camp.  His inner being...a wild monkey...LOL

So that's my slow life....anything new and exciting in your life?



  1. He was being a problem solver.

  2. Love it! I've often wanted to wear "mis-matched" earrings on purpose!

  3. You seem to be busier than I - since I got my July UFO done, I have just been putzing. I showed off my Beam N Read to my Golden Girls sewing group yesterday and they liked it and said "I was very lucky." Thanks again, now off to see if I have comments to answer. Judy C

  4. Love Zach's portrait! How cute!!! I can't wait until next week!

  5. Listen, there is nothing wrong with odd shoes, I have gone to work many a morning with different coloured shoes on, and different's just a fashion trend Linda

  6. Your blog entry brought back sweet memories of my boys when they were little :)

  7. Kelly as a former counselor of teens I can tell you that's a very healthy young man. :) He is a unique individual and embraces that. He knows others will laugh and he can laugh with them. What a great life lesson to know already at this tender age. You've done a great job! blessings, marlene

  8. He marched to the beat of his own drummer, gotta love him.


  9. LOL, bet he has another pair just like them!

  10. Works for me! Personally, I think that's a pretty clever fix to the issue! Looks like camp's a bunch of fun - wish we were there!

    Can't wait to see what other art they come up with. Hmmmm...wonder where he got the idea to draw a wild monkey...hmmm.

  11. Oh you know, pick your battles. I personally like his sense of style and independence. Of course, this is coming from someone who forgot to wear shoes to work one day.

  12. I love Zach! He is an original and you won't have to worry about him being influenced by peer pressure. :-) When my DS was his age, he always wore his shirts inside out~ I had to draw the line at going to church. lol

  13. And so the saying says, "The apple doesn't fall very far from the tree." Get it?

  14. What a cute smile Zach has. He looks happy with his un-matched shoes.

  15. Different is good! LOL I think that was a clever solution - and if it comes up you can say it was to solve an orthopedic problem. hehehee

  16. Those of us with kids, will see the kid and not think twice, those without kids will judge, and let them. If I were to see this kiddo walking the zoo in these shoes, I would chuckle and think God Bless the Mom! Yep, he would make me smile. Good for you kiddo, so just roll with the punches.

    Can't wait to see the newest friend's blog...I'm finally seeing the light of day!! HUGS!!!

  17. Your life is never slow when you have kids. love the shoes and how he reasoned for two different ones. Our school always has a mismatch day twice a year. The teachers love it as much as the kids. Rest and get well, Kelly.

  18. Looks like Zach is already getting 'creative' at an early age. Wonder where it will go?


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