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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Yellow Monster Came

A big ugly Yellow Monster came and ate my monkeys this morning....leaving me in tears.  It had big ugly red eyes on the front and the back....I'm telling you it was really ugly.  I was minding my own business and the next thing I monkeys are GONE!  You can imagine I have spent most of my day sad and crying.  I know you all expected more posts on Checkers Open House....and they will come....once I compose myself.
Just look how sweet and innocent those IHAN co-worker monkeys looked right before their capture
They are so precious and sweet.....and now they are in the belly of that big Yellow Monster with red eyes. 
One thing I know for sure is that Yellow Monster will be felling ill and will likely throw them back up into my driveway and I can't wait....know what I mean?

One fun thing has happened during this Yellow Monster fiasco that actually lifted my brown-out....check out what I just found on my doorstep.....
You have no idea how happy I was to see the Martingale 2012 Award Winning Quilts Calendar.  I you it may be a small thing and you may be wondering how something so small could lift my heavy heart.
What you don't know is that I love's true...I do.  It is a big deal every year to decide which wall calendar I'm going to use to keep all those important dates and appointments....after all I have to look at it several times a day and I only want to look at something I absolutely love.

I can't show you every page....well...until next December...LOL...silly humor...but remember I'm in a brown-out and you have to give me some slack today.  It was difficult choosing just one picture to show you....I chose was done by Pat Holly of Ann Arbor Michigan.  She won the Maywood Studio Master Award for Innovative Artistry...Sponsored by Maywood Studio...Original Design (copied from the description on the Award Winning Quilts Calendar so I would get it all correct :).  This photo has lifted my heart and on a day like today....that really says something!!!

Are you a calendar lover too?  What is your criteria for choosing a new calendar for the upcoming year?  Do give calenders as gifts?  (I do...cuz I love them so much).  I want to know if there are more calendar lovers out there like me....and if you want to get ahead of the game....check out the special price IHAN has on the Martingale Award Winning Quilts Calendar for 2012....think you can order several for holiday or guild gifts...or just spoil yourself....we all need to do that every once in a while...and there are no calories in this years calander...LOL....remember are giving me some slack today!!!

Smiles...sort of,


  1. Awwww, if I were there we could have a good cry's a big cyberspace hug, instead! {{{{}}}} LOL
    That's one reason I homeschooled for years and years! I couldn't stand the thought of the big yellow monster, and all the time they would spend in its belly! Actually that is only one of the smaller reasons.... :)

  2. I hope your eyes are dry by now and that the big yellow monster has spit the monkeys out safely on your doorstep again! Tomorrow will be easier! ;o)

    My daughter-in-law makes me a calendar for Christmas each year with Snapfish. It's the best calendar ever because it's full of our family photos of the past year!

  3. You are too funny!! I want a big yellow monster to come and take my monkeys away!! Send it my direction will you? But I don't want returns, I've got teenagers you returns!!

    hugs kiddo, I know those monkeys will make up for lost time when they get home, so try and get some rest!

  4. Hey, they are only monkeys for so long. Love them up. Soon enough they'll be big apes like mine! You'll still love them, but there will be days you dream of the arrival of the big yellow monster!!!

  5. No big yellow monsters around our neighborhood yet. First three pictures are not showing up, the Marrtingale calendar pictures did come through. Hang in there - Christmas vacation is coming. Judy C in NC

  6. Couldn't see the monkey pictures, but I know what you're talking about. I used to hate losing my summer fun. Without monkeys it's just not the same.

  7. I don't have a big yellow monster at my door, my monkey drove himself to school!!! Started his second year of college!!! ........sob........ THIS is MY baby!!!! Just you wait Kelly, you think you are crying tears now! Buckets, I'm telling you, buckets.......

  8. Love it! Our children don't get to ride the bus, but they want to so much. We live close to their school, so they walk when they can. I love calendars as well! Beautiful1

  9. Thank goodness I never went through that - one of the perks of homeschooling, lol. But I know several mothers who couldn't wait for that yellow monster to come!! I can see why that calendar lifted your heart, it's just beautiful. The only calendars I ever get are by Mary Englebriet, and then I keep them forever. I just adore her art!

  10. I love the calendar! It's beautiful!
    I hated that school bus. I'm not kidding. I would literally put my oldest child on the bus and run(I do mean run) back into the house and eat homemade chocolate chip cookies until she got home! In between the crying and the eating I never got anything done the first day of school! We homeschool our youngest!

  11. Sorry about the yellow monster, the thing is he spits them back out in the be ready.

    As for calendars, I love them but do not buy them...I am too cheap....sad I know...know you know how bad I am.

  12. Kelly - I'm back to blogging land! It was great to see you the other day:) Mom is doing has been a tough few months but we have been so blessed! Thank you for your support and kindness you are awesome:) My sewing machine is oiled and ready for some fun!

  13. Oh my, how well I remember "Mr. Bus Driver" and his big yellow monster....I *hated* riding that bus!! Never fear, your monkeys will be back home before ya know it, and they'll probably be looking for your homemade chocolate chip cookies too, so better get busy!

    I think I remember that quilt, too - isn't it the one that won all those special awards from the Go! Cutter?? It's still beautiful!!

    And, of COURSE I love calendars!! So much I married one!! We used to give one each to the little girls down the street from us, every year for Christmas. Not sure who had more fun - us, picking just the right one for each girl, or them, getting one picked just for them. Either way, those little calendars were often their most treasured presents (which really says a lot, 'cuz their parents didn't skimp!).

    Wishing you miles of smiles & bunches of hugs!!!! Oh, here's a thought that should bring you a smile - Driver is in doing the wash for me (even tho I've gotten the ok to put *partial* weight on foot!!!) - YIPPEEEEEEE!!!

  14. Now you have time to bake them a HUGE batch of homemade cookies to eat when the Yellow Monster drops them back home.

    New schedules are always a little difficult to adjust to and takes some time.

    Hang in there...Mom to 2 monkeys

  15. While it would be a nice change to have a quilting-related calendar on my kitchen wall, I'm emotionally committed to the National Geographic ones. We've been getting them for almost 30 years - I doubt we could change even if we wanted to!


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