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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Raise Your E-Notion IQ - Gypsy Sit Upon Product Review

It is Wednesday, again, can you belive it?  Where does the time go?  My grandmother was right when she said time goes by so quickly don't wish even one moment away.  It is time to raise your E-Notion IQ here at the IHAN Blog. 

Today I'm reviewing the Gypsy Sit Upon Cushion.  You are probably wondering what in the heck this purple thing has to do with stitching....right?  The first time I saw it I was puzzled until I went over and sat on it....then I knew what the buzz was all about.

First let me tell you what it is then I'll tell ya what it is (sorry to say it does not clean houses....I'm still lookin').  The Gypsy Sit Upon is an air filled flexible cushion to sit on. 

The Gypsy Cushion is great to use while working at your sewing machine, driving , at work, your kids soccer games, even reading....anything you do while sitting down.  It reduces the pressure on your tailbone and helps relieve lower back pain, strengthens your core muscles and improves your posture. 

When I give lectures on Notions at guilds I bring mine and pass it around.  Typically people's first response is to laugh...I think because of the nubs, just you see them smile.  I find it usually doesn't make it to the back of the room because the gals won't give it up and pass it along. 

The other comment I hear and I said myself was....this ain't gonna fit my caboose.  The Gypsy Sit Upon is not intended to cover your whole side really does fit all.  While you sit you are balancing on it...hence the strengthening your core muscles.  Since it doesn't cover the entire seat your tail bone gets a relaxes...ahhhhh....I'm sitting on mine now :)

Here is one side of the Gypsy Sit Upon Cushion...

and the other side has more pronounced nubs.

If you are anything like me you are thinking....why would I want to sit on those raised nubs?  Once you sit on it you realize you don't really feel the nubs after a few minutes or so....the raised nubs allow for air flow and its good for blood circulation.  Posture is so important while sitting for long periods of time and hey...if you can strengthen your core muscles while sitting....that's a bonus!

I've decided to give the IHAN blog readers a special deal on the Gypsy Sit Upon Cushions for the next 24 hours.  I'm marking them down and not telling anyone but blog if you want one...CLICK HERE.....I'm not willing to sell them at this price to everyone...IHAN blog readers are very special folks! :)



  1. Kelly, You are so cute! What a hoot quilting can be with all of the helpful gadgets that are discovered and then.....THEY ACTUALLY WORK! Love the color of it too! ANd I am with you, where does the time go? Happy Wednesday, Em

  2. Thought you were going to say that some bums were so big how could they feel the nubs....(that would be mine)....I was also going to say something else but you would appreciate the joke but others might tight mouth for once. Love it.

  3. I used to have a back cushion, but it worse out.
    For sewing I do have a good office chair, but long rides in the car kill my back.


  4. Looks very interesting. Is there a weight limit on it? (I'm thinking about my husband,not me LOL)

  5. Kelly I have a Gypsy and love it! I use it primarily in the chair at my desk. Because I spend hours sometimes on the computer it makes a world of difference. Also want to tell you that I bought the Beam and Read from you and am now totally dependent on it. :) It's the best investment I've made in a long time! It's perfect when I'm doing embroidery or hand quilting and doesn't bother anyone around me. And your service was phenomenal - above and beyond. Thank you so much. blessings, marlene

  6. Hmmm....I'm afraid that I'd have a blowout! lol Just kidding! It sounds wonderful!

  7. Well I am going to give it a try along with the Beam and Read. I have back problems and if the Gypsy can help even a little it will be worth it. Can't wait to get both of these.

  8. *snort* I'm with Cornwoman - I'd be afraid of a blowout too! Seriously, that might be a good investment...

  9. LOL @ Barb! Ditto on the blowout!

    I don't even think I have a core anymore... remind me to try it when I come visit.

  10. FYI while it might be nice while driving, unless it has been crash tested you are putting yourself at risk.

    Other than that it is very tempting to this pregnant mama.

  11. I wonder if I could use this when I treadle, or, if it would throw me off? I'm gonna have to see one of these in person.

  12. I have one of these but I use it in the gym...never thought of sitting on it...I dont' have much cushion to begin with
    and this lady don't need more stimulation

  13. Thank you for the post. I will have to look into this to relieve lower back pain.


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