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Monday, August 15, 2011

A Visit to Jean's House

I stopped over to my friend Jean's (Overmeyer)  house on Friday night for some brainstorming and she had some new finished projects....and she said it's OK to share them with here you go :)
I'll show you the pattern first....doing my due diligence :)

Check out Jean's I-Pad Bag...I love the colors she choose!

She used Texture Magic on the front and did some free motion quilting on the back.

This is the back....beautiful isn't it?
Jean credits watching Patsy Thompson Videos for her success with free motion quilting...I gotta get every one of those and practice so I can do this too :)
Recycling and re-purposing is one of my most favorite things to do.  When Jean told me what she used join the straps....I was tickled.   Can you guess what she used?  I'll put the photo of what she used at the end of this blog post.

The last time I visited Jean's house she had only one UFO (can you believe it?  a quilter with only one UFO..I didn't know they existed) and this time....she has no UFO's. 

This Yellow Cone Flower hangs in Jean's sewing studio....100% finished!!
Look at the variety of quilting Jean used ....I think it is so cool.

I love the feathers and leave combo...and the binding...that red just finishes the piece beautifully.
This is the pattern Jean used.

Ok...are you ready to see how the straps on the I-Pad bag were joined with?

This was a chain that used to hold a chandelier gotta love at its finest :)
I hope you enjoyed the post...I know I certainly enjoyed my visit to Jean's on Friday night!


  1. Wonderful pieces, I love the perspective she did on the coneflower.


  2. These are wonderful and I keep thinking about that quilt she was working on. It's the same Jean right? Does she have a blog? No UFO's, I didn't think that was possible. Her quilting is beautiful. Thanks Kelly

  3. This Jean here loves that Jean's work. Having seen the coneflower piece up close, she does beautiful work. It is stunning in person!

  4. Wow Jean's work is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Can Jean come visit me? Maybe work on my UFO's? I wish I was that disciplined. Love her use of colour. Are we quilters leading the recycling movement? Is it our waste not want not attitude? Must come from the history of quilters gone before!

  6. Thanks for sharing Jean's beautiful the yellow cone flower!!!!

  7. Jean's work is so beautiful! The re-purposing o the chandelier links is fantastic.....I have to try this!

  8. Brilliant idea with the chain! I love her free motion work too.

  9. Way to go Jean!!! Love all of the projects! BUT woman----NO UFO's?!?!?! Really???? Can't imagine.....

    Great job on the quilting and the flower is drop dead gorgeous!

  10. Having seen Jean's pieces in person (she's an award-winning quilter!), I can personally attest to the beauty of her work....

  11. I already love your friend, Jean!!! I love the iPad case (could even be a purse) and all of the wonderful quilting....and the colors are FABULOUS!!!! The coneflower wall hanging is stunning.

    Jean is right about Patsy Thompson's FMQ video series'. I have all but one of the series, though I haven't watched (or practiced) most of them yet, but the one that I did watch and use came out wonderfully even though I'm a novice at FMQ. Worth every penny!!

  12. Thanks Kelly and thanks to all of you who commented on my work...I am the Jean who made the items in this post. All of your kind words about my work are very much appreciated! And yes, I prefer to work on one project at a time, from start to finish before I move on to the next one (hence no, or very rarely, UFOs). Sometimes that attitude is a gift and sometimes a curse, but overall, it works for me! Thanks again!

  13. Beautiful work Jean has done on the coneflower and quilting. I agree on Patsy's videos. I have one of them and I have watched and practiced and achieved much better results!


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