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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Raise Your E-Notion IQ - Sewline Product Reviews-EditedX 2

Edited to add photos that did not show up yesterday...Sorry for the delay! Second edit....can you believe they disappeared again....I'm not even going to go into my frustration....just go and try again...thanks if you are still looking.  I would not blame you one bit if you didn't!!!

Yep, it's Wednesday again!  Time to raise our E-Notion IQ here on the IHAN blog.  Before I go on with my post I thought I'd let you know that I do these reviews independently, they are not sponsored by anyone other than me, Kelly Jackson, and no one pays me to do them.  Ok, so on to my review :)

Sewline has some excellent tools and today I'm going to tell you about three of them that I use frequently.....Sewline Fabric Pencil White and Black, Sewline Fabric Glue Pen (and Glue Pen refills), Sewline AIRerasable Fabric Pen. 

Don't ya just love my fancy photos?  They might get dressed up a bit at the end of this post.

Before I get into the descriptions of each of these, I want to say that I really like the way the Sewline tools fit into my hand.  They are made with nice grips, easy twists and tight fitting caps that don't come off when they are rolling around in my sewing bag.

The Sewline Fabric Glue Pen has a nice twist up lipstick (but please don't put it on your lips!).  You can see I put a little bit on my fabric to hold it in place. 
Rocket science it is not...but what I like is it isn't messy, it doesn't get on my hands and it dries clear...yes clear.  Perfect for applique or if you don't want to use pins you can use the Sewline Glue Pen to hold your fabrics together or your binding in place before you stitch them.  Nice ay?  Another excellent feature is that it is don't throw it away...that is very appealing to me...Green! :)  The Sewline Glue Pen Refills (2 per package) are inexpensive....and that saves Green in my wallet....another GO Green :)

The Sewline Fabric Pencil (here in White also available here in Black) has a very nice finger grip-the clear part at the end feels like rubber and has angles so it stays put between your fingers.  I really like the weight too... it feels like a expensive desk pen.  The chalk tips don't break off easily like some marking pencils do.  You can see where I rubbed my finger lightly over the comes off pretty easily.  If I had rubbed even harder it would come off completely.  You can dab it with a bit of water if you need to  remove the line even more if it stays on your fabric.  The Sewline Fabric Pencil comes with a package of chalk refills so you won't be tossing this into a landfill either :)

I saved the Sewline AIRerasable Fabric Pen for last because I started playing and couldn't stop. This marking pen also has a nice feel and weight to it.  The cap has a snug fit and it stays on when it is in my sewing bag.  That is important to me because I don't like it when they dry out as some of my other brands have because the cap slides off to easily.

The Sewline AIRerasable Fabric Pen has a nice dark fine line and it disappears in a few days (package says 2-10 days but more typically 2-3 days).  When you want to trace your embroidery designs or applique designs and you won't be getting back to your project until later....the AIRerasable Fabric Pen is perfect.  I'm one of those that prefers a dark fine line....following lines I can barely see or that disappear quickly drives me nuts.  The tip is a ceramic roller ball so it glides over your fabric.  Ok so you want it gone now...water removes it immediately.   

A paintbrush dabbed with a little water and look how quickly the line begins to disappear.  Literally immediately.  Once this happened I thought I'd show you another example (I was having way too much fun) by writing my name and then just removing the "ell" so you could see how clearly it disappears....but...

The very second I put a dab of water on the center letters the water bleed over to the K and the Y and see how quickly the letters began disappearing?

I took the photo below about 3-5 seconds later....

Check this out....this is not even me putting watter on the K and the is the water lightly painted over the other letters and this is disappearing the entire name...almost.

So what would happen if I put water over the remaining K and Y?
This is what completely disappeared.
Next I ironed the area to dry the wet part. If the ink were there I'd be heat setting it right?

The Kelly had disappeared but the rest of the leaf I had drawn did not get wet so it was still visible ....all were drawn on the same piece of fabric.

You can see where I pressed the area that says Kelly but not the area with the leaf, right? Kelly was written in the center.

Into the freezer it went for 30 minutes. Why put the fabric in the freezer? Because I have learned that there are other making pens on the market that actually come back when they are put in the freezer. I know we don't store our quilts in the freezer but heck I don't want them getting cold in storage one day and then lines showing up everywhere....who knows? (I'm not saying this to make you paranoid....because I'm aware of it....I just wanted to test it...and remember I'm not a scientist and don't have a lab here at IHAN....just wanted to play a bit.)

The leaf is still there....the Kelly is completely gone...can't really see that part in this photo...but you will below.

Remember the leaf was wrinkled before? I heat set the Sewline AIRerasable Making Pen by pressing it with my iron...see the fabric is now perfectly flat.
If you are still with are a SAINT.... (X 3 now)
I put some water on the leaf to see if it disappeared. You might notice the dark points where I stopped leaves a darker point because that is where I stopped and picked up the pen.

I'll be dipped if the ink did not begin to that is impressive by my standards.

 Here is the entire piece of fabric can't see any of the marks.  I do see a shadow on the left and that is a shadow not ink.  I'd be glad to send the pix to anyone who wants to examine them closer.  I'm not hiding nuttin' honey!
Can you tell I love what I stitching notions. Not very polished and I don't have a fancy Marketing Department for those photo is just me and my BBF (bride booger friend :)

Before I close I want to remind everyone that there are still weeks and weeks left to win some incredible prizes in the Wantobe Quilter Campaign.

I wish everyone the best of luck in winning some great prizes....including myself!!! :)

By the way...the white fabric is a white Kona Cotton for those of you who are wondering.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful reviews you do Kelly and so good to know about the freezer!

  2. Kelly, the Sewline pencil is my favorite and what makes it so much better is that they make lots of different colored leads..... in the event that white or black doesn't work... I have yellow, teal, pink and gray! And since I liked the single lead one so much, when I found the 2 lead plus stylus, I bought that one too.

    I really want to get the Air Erase marker too.... and I will.... soon!!!

  3. I like that pen, I hate using the marker, too thick.
    Will have to try it. I have no idea what the wantabe is all about, I can't wrap my head around anything that asks me more than, leave a comment, lol.


  4. Thanks for the E-Notion Wednesday - some of the pictures did not come through on my computer, not sure why - but just the ones in the middle of the post about the air erasible pen. I love Sew Line products. Judy CinNC

  5. Thanks for the great review, Kelly! Some of the pics didn't show up, but I got it. I'll check these products out!

  6. Hot flashes are why I'd put my quilts in a freezer. Just sayin'...

    I love my sewline pens. Especially the air eraseable one I got from you last week. It rocks socks!

  7. I've been eyeing the Sewline products for a while and have been waiting for a review like this. Unfortunately, the same thing happened to me as it did for JC above & none of the pictures showing how it worked with water and such showed. The last I see, is the one right below the paragraph saying how you saved the AIRerasable for last, then nothing but shows again until the very last picture of your BFF standing with all of the products.

    Can you relink these pictures? Purty please? I would love to see the rest.


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