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Monday, April 9, 2012

All Done Fishin'

I have had a good laugh reading the comments on where folks thought I had gone fishin'.

My youngest co-worker and I headed to Victoria, Texas.  We went fishing for new experiences :)  Did you know there are Angels living in Victoria?  It's true.
We had not been at Mrs. Karin and Mr. Dick's house for more than 30 minutes, as I recall, when Zach wanted to sew something on her beautiful embroidery machine.  Can you believe it was Zach who asked to sew and not me?  After Karin got the luggage tag handle wrap hooped....she let Zach do the rest.

This fishing trip was an experience in being reminded about what is important in life and enjoying the angels along the way.  Several peak experiences for restorative to my soul.

WARNING: Photo heavy post below with a quilt related segment in the've been warned :)

Mrs. Karin and Mr. Dick are volunteers at the Texas Zoo so we were the first guests at the Zoo.
The next day the Angels transported us on their wings to the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi.
The Victoria Angels and the IHAN Rat Fink :)
What?  I don't look like Mr. Miyagi has trained me?
That's OK....because I was meditating on this thought:
Remember the amazing sand artist Andre Amador?  
 My feeble attempt at a sand quilt :)

This photo below represents my experience of Texas.....very BIG!  Between towns....when I say there is almost nothing...I'm not kidding.  Hope you don't need gas or food!
On of my favorite movies.Lonesome know I could not miss this Ranch!  I have no idea weather this ranch has anything to do with the movie or the way.
This was a small town I drove through on my way to San Antonio.  It looks like a movie set doesn't it?  Smiley Texas....hmmmm.
Found this nasty character along the route.  A real rootin tootin shootin sort of fella.
1/2 of the IHAN clan at the Alamo.
River Walk in San Antonio...if you ever have the opportunity to go....don't miss it!!!
Texas Ranger Museum, I didn't find even one photo of Augustus McCrae or Woodrow Call  : (
(please don't e-mail saying they were just characters in a brain knows that but my heart doesn't)
Was surprised to find Bonnie and Clyde's car at the Museum, wasn't surprised to find this little out law standing next to their car.
I took this photo at the San Antonio Museum of Art where I found the Dale Chihuly Persian Ceiling.   It is actually a reflection in a window you are looking at.....amazing isn't it?
These are the margaritas in Texas!!!  And for the record....this was not

After San Antonio, we headed to Bandara, Texas....the Cowboy Capital of the World.  Where was our first stop?

The Gone Quiltin' owner Debra Pavelka.  What a wonderful store....and the saying "when you are traveling and need help...don't dial a quilter" was completely accurate in my experience.  I needed to find a pharmacy....Debra knew just where to direct me.

You know I couldn't leave without some souvenirs :)

Bandara's diner is where I was directed to possibly find a real cowboy mid week.    No luck....but we did find three Texas Rangers having lunch.
Having a 7 year old on Spring Break and driving all the way to Bandara know this Momma was not leaving until we found a real cowboy!!!  Midweek or not!  While in the diner, I explained my dilemma to the Rangerse and they suggested I might find a real cowboy at the 2E Twin Elm Ranch.     All I knew was that if I had to drive that rental car far into the fields...I was going to find a real cowboy for Zach!

I think I'm going to put a noose in my back yard too.  Zach was on his best behavior the entire time...LOL.

(another way you know you are in Texas?  Almost every residence/ranch/RV has two posts and a gate....only slightly kidding!!)
Meet Justin....the FIRST "Real Cowboy" we found at the Twin Elm Ranch.
Justin was real all the way down to his spurs!  We had not planned on staying at the Ranch but Justin was so welcoming and kind to Zach that this Momma had no problem saying yes to whatever price they were planning on charging us.
Oh yeah....and it didn't hurt one bit that another family with three little boys were there on Spring Break as well.  Zach made fast friends with Luke and Jack from Wisconsin. 
Justin's confidence was key to my agreeing to let Zachary go on a trail ride the next morning.  Typically Zach would be afraid of the horse....but Justin knew just what to do and so did "Spot" the horse Zach rode.
The rootin tootin shootin cowboy riding a horse across a stream....all by himself :)
It was tough tearing ourselves away from the Twin Elm Ranch, but Shamu was waiting. 

Back to Victoria to spend another day with the Victoria Angels....which includes Miss Bailey, Zach's dear friend.

You may be asking yourself, where is the other 1/2 of the IHAN clan?  This Momma had no interest in spending a week listening to a 7 and 9 year old boys bicker.  We decided to divide and conquer :)  The other 1/2 went to see Grandma and Grandpa in PA, then to Philly and on to Washington DC.  They had a wonderful time too!

If you are still with me....I'm shocked! 

Texas Size Smiles,


  1. We missed you, Kelly! It looks like a trip beyond wonderful! Fantastic that you had time to spend with friends and with Zach! He will remember this trip forever! Welcome back!

  2. Kelly, I am so happy that you shared your fishing trip with us. What an adventure!! And OF COURSE you had to find a quilt shop!! We've really missed you. And I have to say that your post put a little tear in my eye. I SO miss those days with my children :-(

  3. Oh wow.... I'm loving the pic of Zach on the saddle. Thanks for the story on the eye-candy (I mean cowboy). He was rocking those spurs...

    So glad to see the smiles. And you did an awesome impression of Mr. Myagi!

    Big hugs and welcome home!

  4. P.S. Lots of learning and growing there... Love it!

  5. Yes, I figured out that you were in Texas from the sign "Doctor U...." outside the museum. LOL Just call me the "googlemeister!"

  6. What a wonderful trip, so many wonderful places to visit and a nice way to spend time with your son. Sometimes it is good to have some me time, for one at a time.


  7. Kelly, you did a great job advertising our beautiful State of Texas. Glad to see that ya'll were having such a good time. I live in San Antonio and was impressed that you saw so much. It is amazing how different Texas is.

    Ya'll come again!!
    Jackie in San Antonio

  8. Looks like you and your son had a wonderful time....nice that he likes to get his picture taken!

  9. I thought you might be in Texas for part of your experience, and perhaps Oklahoma City for part of it (the Chihuly Ceiling. It looks as if you had a wonderful time the two of you will have wonderful memories. Texas is a great place! What a novel idea to split up for a vacation. You get a great big star!!

  10. wow! what a fun trip and such memories for you both.

  11. Kelly your time with Zac sounds like a"rootin' tootin'" time. I am glad you were able to find a real cowboy! and make some good memories for the both of you!

  12. What a fantastic looking trip. Glad to have you back home.

  13. Sounds like a wonderful fishing trip and you definitely caught some interesting life experiences.

    Loved all your photos and hearing about your trip.
    Hope the other half of the IHAN clan also had fun.


  14. Wow! What a trip. I bet that young man will never forget it. Kelly, you did a good thing to share such an experience with Zach. Now, where are you going next?

  15. It was our pleasure to have you share some of your precious time with us! We were honored to show you some of our favorite places & hope we get to see you again!!

    Glad y'all had so much fun in our great state!! Thanks for comin' down - y'all come back soon!!

  16. Great post. I did read all the way through....It was fun. You do have to promiss you will read my (probably equally photo heavy) post when I return from my trip next week! I'm leaving to The Gambia tonight! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOO

  17. Went to the River Walk last year when we visited my Baby Brother! (and the Alamo) Glad you had a great time! :)

  18. Zachary you have a pretty cool all looked like fishing was one great adventure

  19. I love your pictures and can't believe you were in San Antonio, that is where we are moving to in come back...come back.
    what a fun time with your youngest employee, he will always as well as yourself remember the time mom was acting crazy (herself) in the water....

  20. Oh...Kelly, I wish I had known you were going to be in San Antonio and I would have met you someplace, or gone to Bandera too. Looks like you did just fine without a personal guide, though. Looks like you and your "pardner" had a great time. Thanks for sharing all about it.

  21. What a wonderful trip, and I know the memories will last a lifetime. :) Thanks for sharing - it was a fun read!


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