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Friday, April 20, 2012

Bling Your Thing Entries Post V

Entry #14 Jean Overmeyer
 "Attached is a photo of my submission for your bling challenge!  I added Swarovski crystals to my latest quilt label, using my new Kandi's Professional Touch Rhinestone Applicator.  It worked fabulously!  Thanks for the inspiration!"

Jean I love the quilt label!  I have to say it looks better than some quilts I've made (really!  LOL)  What a special way to label your quilts :)

 Entry # 15 Bern -

"One Hell of a Huey"
"My “Bling My Thing”  quilt is a commemorative quilt which I made to commemorate the dedication of a helicopter used by the Royal Australian Air Force in the Battle of Long Tan (during the Vietnam War), which was used for re-supply of ammunition in that particular battle). Our local Caloundra RSL (Returned Services League) of Australia (like an Amvets Post or Veteran of Foreign War club in the USA – in other words, an Australia-wide Club for returned ex-servicepeople, currently serving military and their families) was able to locate one of the two Iriquois helicopters that were used in that particular battle. This helicopter was owned and displayed by the Bogan Shire Council (in New South Wales, Australia). On condition of a replacement Iriquois helicopter being found (and in good condition) that Shire Council agreed to an exchange of aircraft.
Some three years after that agreement, $50 000 later (for the repair work to be done on both aircraft and paid for by the Caloundra RSL Sub-Branch) and 5 000 man hours (to repair the A2 10-22 helicopter used in the Battle of Long Tan, then to repair the donated helicopter to be given to Bogan Shire Council in exchange for A2 10-22), the A2 10-22 helicopter was installed at the Caloundra RSL Sub-Branch in its Memorial Garden, on March 16 this year.
There are more details on my blog Click Here

My husband who is the Sub-Branch President asked me to make the quilt, initially to raffle to raise funds for the continued maintenance of the helicopter, with just over 3 weeks to make the quilt. However, upon seeing (the almost finished quilt, with just one border left to be sewn on) he decided that the quilt had to stay in the Sub-Branch as it was (as stated by others) a fitting tribute to the men who died in the Battle of Long Tan, those who served in the actual Air Force squadron – 9 Squadron – in that battle, and those Australian Army men who fought in that battle, from D Company, 6 Royal Australian Regiment and those men who had worked to restore the quilt. Many of those men have signed the left-hand and right-hand sides of the quilt, around the unit badges.
The “bling” for me is the Rising Sun badge appears on all slouch hats worn by the Royal Australian Army and is a symbol of the Army. It is also an iconic Australian symbol. My dear husband actually sewed the Rising Sun on to the quilt, as I was running short of time to get the quilt finished.  The other bling is the use of parts of actual Army and Air Force uniforms in the borders of the quilts, namely the pockets which appear in the top and bottom horizontal borders and also part of a sleeve with the epaulette still on it, on the bottom horizontal border. The comments that I have received from everyone so far is helping me to forget about all of the little mistakes I can see in the quilt (namely sewing differently shaped photos into blocks and other little things). When one is making a quilt for the military and ex-military, precision is a major factor!"
Wow Bern...what a story!  Thank you so much for sharing.  

Those are all the submissions I have received..THANK YOU to everyone who participated.  I hope it has been fun looking at all the bling :)
Now...for the prize!  I am still waiting to hear back from a couple of people about donating prizes.  I have some here that I plan on adding to the prize.  There is no judging so the winner will be chosen at random and I'm going to have someone not associated with the IHAN blog do the drawing.  Can you wait until Monday to know what the prizes are or do you want me to just do the giveaway without the other prizes being added?  You tell me!
Friday Smiles,


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm speechless - that label left me wanting to see the whole quilt, lol, how lovely! And the quilt, what a treasure. What beautiful projects everyone has done!

    Thank you Kelly, for organizing this, what a FUN thing to do. You're the boss, so you do the give-away in whatever way you see fit!!

  2. We all 'dun good! Bling'in our projects, big and small. I'm willing to wait.....

  3. She Who Runs the Bling-a-Thon Makes The Decisions, so I agree with the other posters :)

    Kelly I want to thank you for the time and effort you put into this - I think we've all had a lot of fun blinging with you - the world is a prettier place now :D

  4. I am willing to wait.... But it is your Bling you decide! hahaha

  5. Yes indeed Kelly, such fun for all of us! And since you are the chief Blinger, you get to make the rules! I am willing to wait, but you do it however you want!

    Tropical Punch and Huey are fabulous!


  6. Beautiful label, Jean! The Huey quilt is amazing. thank you for this, Kelly! I learned a lot.
    I'm willing to wait until everything is ready!

  7. Considering I didn't realise that there was a prize, I am happy to wait too, Kelly, until Monday. I am just so enjoying seeing other people's work.

    Thank-you for the time and effort that you have put nto the "Bling Your Thing" posts, Kelly.

  8. Holy cow! I'm not sure I've ever seen such a beautiful quilt label - I wish we could see the quilt - HINT, HINT, Jean!!

    And, wow, what a story behind the Huey!! Absolutely that quilt must stay with the post!!! What an honor to make something like that, beautiful job!!

    Prize? Who knew there was a prize!!! Leave it to you to be so generous!! Your prizes, your -bling-along, your rules I say!!
    We are on the road today - gone south to the Port Aransas Sand Festival....hope to see some spectacular sand castles. We've brought the puppy, so we won't be hitting the Candy Shoppe or our very favorite Spaghetti and Pie Works, but we'll be using our Whataburger coupon later on! (tyvm!!)


  9. Both are great. It's so fun to see what other folks do. Love it!


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