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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bling Your Thing Entries Post IV

Entry #10 Mary -

"I also like to add beads to my cards. This can be done by sewing them on individually or threading them onto a wire. All hand sewing and ornamentation must be done before adding the card stock to the back.  To add beads on a wire I coil one end of the wire, thread the beads and then coil the other end"

Now that is what I call "made with love."  Only someone who loved you a lot would make a birthday card like is beautiful.

Mary has a wonderful tutorial for making fabric post cards and if you click on the link above you can read the entire is excellent!

 "I looked at the hanging and said "The star could use some sparkle!"  So I sparkled it."
"Then I pulled out a wall hanging that I started ....... err..... a while  ago.  It didn't have any real plan or goal in mind, so I have never rushed to finish it. No, it still isn't finished BUT,  Kelly, at I Have a Notion, is having a little "Bling your Thing" photo sharing thing going.  So I decided to add my bling to the wallhanging." are one of the coolest quilters I know :)  You have all sorts of projects and you never seem to slow down.  Recently Gene has gotten into machine embroidery and his work is lovely.  If you don't read Gene's blog on a regular basis, you may just want to click on the link above and visit Gene.  He has a great sense of humor and a heart the size of Texas. 

 "Brain Storm - Wool Challenge"

 What an interesting piece Colby.  The stitching and beads are just lovely.  I really like the little loops you added....they really add to the piece.  Isn't it amazing what people come up with when they commit to be challenged?  Thanks Colby for participating....I like your brain :)

" Using #10 cotton thread in white, blue seed beads, and my trusty steel crochet hook, I made this little white Rosary case."
" Here's the scalloped edge with the little loop closure in the middle."
"Here it is standing upright and open, showing that it is just a simple pouch with the scalloped edge just a little higher than the plain edge, and both sides stitched together with single crochet."
Mary wanted to know if her crochet Rosary Bag would count in the challenge.  My reply?  REALLY....when I say Bling Something - all counts :)  I'm so glad Mary shared her project because it is another beautiful creation and she has posted the tutorial on her blog.  Click the link above for the tutorial.  Your bag is so beautiful and delicate....what a treasure!

OK have until the end of the day to send me any Blinged Projects if you want to be in the Bling Your Thing challenge.

Tomorrow I'll be posting a photo of the "prize" and of course, it will be drawn randomly.  How about if we let Barb or Jocelyn do the drawing?  It seems like everyone and their brother reads their blogs and trusts them.  Will that work for y'all?



  1. Wowie zowie... These are awesome.

  2. I am enjoying all of the bling. Gene's idea to bling his star was wonder and I really loved the Brain Storm taken so literally. I would love to have a rosary case like Mary Alice's. Very pretty.

  3. I have never blinged anything, I mean never blinged anything! What is my problem?? Am I not a girl, do I not like pretty, shessh?! Time to get started.

  4. What fun projects these are Kelly! Brain Storm is too funny! I love how creative people can be! Thanks for sharing my project too!


  5. Patricia's comment made me LOL! I bet everyone who posted a blingy project, will continue to find reasons and ways to bling -- it's addictive!

  6. What wonderful projects! Love the creativity! I'm not a blinger, either...try beads instead of crystals!

  7. GORGEOUS projects - that rosary case is so lovely!

  8. you put me in the hot seat....

    Would be happy to if Joycelyn doesn't want to. These are fabulous blings. I love should see my new glasses..bling bling....whohoooooo


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