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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bling Your Thing Entries Post II

 Entry #5  by Lisa -

Pretty in Pink
"This little quilt measures 9 x 12 inches and it is my very first, whole cloth, painted quilt. The border fabric is a batik but the rest started out as a rectangle of white fabric. The fabric was painted with Shiva Paintstiks and then quilted. I frequently hand sew a few beads to my art quilts to give them a little bling.  It will eventually find it's way to the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative and sold to raise funds for Alzheimer's research."

Lisa your quilt is beautiful!  I hope this isn't your last whole cloth painted do amazing work.
Entry #6  Beth -

"I have a submission.... It's a postcard... from my International swap Group, pulled together for my South African quilters... so they could mail postcard and receive a few!!! They are having so much fun. Every Wednesday it so much fun, because they are either sharing what they've made or what has come in the mail!!! This what I am sending out this time.
Its and aloe plant, the flower is enhanced with beads! They are shine a bit... but they aren't supposed to be too flashy."
I'd be so darn excited to get a post card this beautiful in the mail.....I love it!!!  Lovely work Beth, thanks so much for sharing it with the rest of us.
Beth is currently living in South Africa and if you have not seen the beautiful photos she has posted to her blog, you really must see them.

 Frolic In The Flowers
"I bling lots… in fact all my art quilts have 3D embellishing on them… that’s what I do… so I think that counts for bling?   Here is my latest one.  It has a kitchen scrubber on it, vintage buttons, all the flowers are 3D,  and ric rac and even little toothpicks coming out of a flower=)"

Jackie, I guess you do" bling a lot" and now I know where to go when I need some bling inspiration.  The flowers really pop right out and they are beautiful.  What lovely work!!  Anyone else who needs some inspiration to add some "bling" head over to Jackie's blog....she's got the bling thing goin' on!!!

Entry #8 Jean -
 "Jean's Tiara"
"Well, I finished some of the hand-beading for the tiara. I think it looks quite nice. The hand-beading is tedious, but it was worth it. I used two rows of small bugle beads in between sequins set with matching seed beads. It's pretty secure on there. I'm really loving how the color is assorted and random. I think it provides a happy accent.

My only wish is that you could really see how fun and shiny it is in real life.  It really sparkles. I think I'm going to do a flower medallion of some sort and attach this to another main piece and make this tiara three-dimensional. After all, I'm three dimensional too! "
Jean's Tiara is amazing and to appreciate the entire process, I would strongly suggest your visit her blog and read THIS post.
Below is Jean's Art Scarf.  She has written a tutorial.  Part I is HERE and Part II is HERE.
 Jean is very creative and talented.  I am very fortunate to call her  friend, we met through blogging and have become "real world" friends.  Jean's work is always fun and she jumps into a project with both feet.

I have to make an art scarf!  Oh yeah, and a Mondo Bag, a Claire Bag, a Hugs & Kisses Quilt, and finish my.....oh I'll stop before you think my list is longer than yours!  LOL



  1. Wonderful eye-candy! Super projects.

  2. 2 days of really diverse projects within a common theme--great idea Kelly! Lots of inspiration here!! As usual...

  3. Kelly..... I am in some awe inspiring company!!! Love what everyone is doing.... can't wait to see YOURS!

  4. Thanks for your kind words. I love all these blingy projects. I love how there are so many (and cool) ways to bling your thing.

  5. I am in awe of these projects - wonderful!!!


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