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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Real Catch

My brother, Cordie, turned 50 this week. know what that means....I'm next!!  For now, I'll put that out of my thoughts and show you some of his birthday gifts.
Yes of course it is a red kitchen towel that says, Gone Fishin' :)  Who do you think taught me to fish?  Yep, you guessed it, Cordie did.
Zach proudly made this towel....he is getting really good at choosing colors and threading the machine (he is 7 years I don't want to hear it is a hard thing to do...ok?  OK! :)
Pillow cases and brand spankin' new pillows too!!!  Took a trip over to the Quilt Foundry and the bolt was almost empty....but there was just enough for these two pillowcases...phew! And yes I had the decency to put a brand new pillow into the other pillowcase too....can't give a 50 year old guy just one ya know :)

When you think the world is too complicated and everything is going to hates in a hand basket....remember my brother, Cordie and you will smile...a wide happy smile...I promise.

My sister, Tracy is on the left and my brother, Cordie is on the right.  I've already shared about Tracy...let me tell you a little about Cordie...something other than he's 50 now....I can't believe he is 50...blows my mind.

Cordie is discovering "sniping" in this photo.....he was tickled beyond belief and almost burst with joy after "snyping" with his two sons.  He has not seen his boys in a few years although he talks to them every few days.  This is the first time he has ever been able to see them....and yes he was using Skype....ROFL.  He had never heard of Skype and had no idea what that was all about and I'm telling you I think it was absolutely the best thing he could have gotten for his birthday....the joy of seeing his sons.  I must say it was a heart warming treat for all of us.

Cordie has been single for years I asked him if he was interested in meeting a woman and he said...."well yes now they would be too old to have more children."  I fell out laughing.  He lives a simple life, he gets up and has some coffee,  goes to work, comes home, eats, takes a nap and visits a friend to watch TV on occasion.   If you think I'm even kidding....I'm not.  That is his life, and he is one of the happiest people I know.  Cordie appreciates everything and many of the things the rest of us would miss.  Every time he calls me he tells me he is standing looking at the beautiful pictures of my children or my family and how much he loves me.  How many men do you know that do that?  He is a rare gem indeed :)

When he opened his gifts he held them....examined them....and beamed with joy.  That's why I love making things for him....he just treasures them. 

Grateful Smiles,


  1. He sounds like a grateful, wonderful person! I love giving gifts to people who at least act like they really appreciate them!!! Happy Birthday to Cordie!

  2. Y'all's towels & pillow cases turned out REALLY well! That fabric is just perfect, and yup, Zach did a great job on the colors!!!

    Isn't it nice that there are people like Cordie that appreciate sooooo very much! Happy Birthday Cordie! (and many, many more!!)

  3. What a fun time! Sweet gifts, sweet love of amily. Loved hearing about your bro, and I loved ESPECIALLY how he is so joyful. Fun! Hey - turning 50 is a real BLESSING -- wahoo!

  4. It is so refreshing to find people that enjoy the simple things... not just enjoy but actually revelle in them. Most of us are just too busy to acknowledge... let alone stop and smell the roses. Happy Birthday to Cordie!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORDIE!!!!! Kelly, the gifts you guys made are just beautiful. Funny, I'm doing a fishing theme for my brother this year too! Cordie sounds a lot like my brother, he enjoys a simple life too.

  6. happy Birthday, Cordie! How wonderful is that! And I love the towels 2 Zach!

  7. Happy Birthday Cordie...
    How wonderful were your gifts. I love the pillowcases those are just perfect. Your fishing towel of course is pretty darn cute as well. Looks like you had a wonderful celebration.

    Kelly thank you for sharing with us. I love seeing birthday celebrations. They are so much fun.

    Have a glorious day sweet friend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  8. Happy birthday, Cordie! And many more!
    thanks for sharing, Kelly

  9. Happy Birthday to Cordie. I love the gifts you gave him. They are just perfect. Zach did his usual great job on the thread picking.

  10. =) this post just made me smile, thank you and congrats to all of the bling winners!

  11. Happy birthday, Cordie! And Happy "Snyping"! :D

    Kelly, blessings to you and yours,

  12. Happy birthday to Cordie. I think skypeing is one of the best gifts the computer has given us. I'm so glad Cordie can see his sons.

  13. Happy Birthday, Cordie!! What a great guy! If it's meant to be - I hope he finds that special lady - who's out of the notion of having babies!! I also hope he gets to see his sons - in person! But in the meantime - thank heavens for Skype!! Have a wonderful day!

  14. What a sweet story. Happy Birthday, Cordie!

  15. Happy birthday big brother! I know he'll treasure those pillows/cases. The fabric is adorable! And just perfect!!!!!!

    Nice to put faces with the family. Hugs!


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