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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Waldo's Mondo Bag

Every since I saw a gal from my guild carrying a Mondo Bag I have wanted to make one.  In fact, I was so enthusiastic about making one that Waldo said she wanted to make one too.  Guess what?  Yep....she finished her's first :)

I really like the size of this bag, it is perfect for hauling almost anything...a small child might fit comfortably inside....not that I'm recommending you tote around a small child in a bag...LOL.
She used fabric by Marcia Derse and mixed in some fun fabrics from Paula Nadelstern.  I think it is absolutely beautiful, don't you?
The inside of the Mondo Bag.
Mondo Bag by Quiltsmart
I asked Waldo what she thought of the pattern.  Waldo said she had to read it line by line and study the diagrams.  I was told it might "frost my cookies" if I attempted to make it alone and that I could come over and she would help me.  I don't know how much of a review that is....but that was enough for me....I'll be cutting out my fabric and heading to Waldo's house :)



  1. I've made two Mondo bags Kelly. The first one I took a class because I had a coupon for a class. It was very fun because the teacher knew the pattern inside and out. I just finished the other one a few weeks ago - they are both on my blog. Have fun and can't wait to see yours.

  2. I have seen several of these bags...may have to try this pattern sometime!

  3. Kelly, this is a fun post and has me smiling. This does look like a great wonderful bag! Don't let your cookies be frosted, go have more fun with'll be more fun!

  4. I love this bag. I made a simpler but largish bag a few years ago and I use it all the time! Didn't know I would. You definitely need to make one...I might too as it is so much cuter than mine!

  5. Much more fun to make something with a friend! That is a lovely bag, Kelly!

  6. I have the same story with the Mondo bag - saw it at a guild meeting and LOVED it. I finally found the pattern - my Aunt and I both bought it. She has made four...mine is still not started! I threatened to send fabric to her to make it for me!

  7. we'll be watching for you bag to be posted .....good luck ;)
    in stitches

  8. It is a great bag and will be fun to make together.

  9. OIKS! and THAT would be why I don't often use patterns!!! We're (yes, WE) are painting the shed today, so no sewing for me!! At least, not till later. Just inside cooling down & drinking me some iced raspberry tea for a moment. Hers is lovely - can't wait to see how yours turns out!!

  10. I was only sewing for a little over a year when I made the Mondo bag! It was fun and nothing to be scared of. Have fun!

  11. What a lovely excuse to spend quality time with a friend. Enjoy yourself.

  12. Thank you for sharing! Did you ever finish your Mondo Bag? I'd love to see photos! Feel free to share with us on our Facebook page as well. -Mandy with Quiltsmart :)


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