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Monday, April 30, 2012

Lucky Me

After finishing my "secret project" I decided to use 108" fabric for the back of the "secret project."  Off to the Quilt Foundry, my LQS.  I know Lisa carries several bolts of 108" fabrics and I was hopeful she had something that would work.

The street and parking lot was full of cars so I knew something fun was going on inside.  Little did I know I'd have my socks blown off!!!

Lisa, the owner, and 10 or 12 other gals were in the middle of a class with Sue Wilson, Certified Instructor for Judy Niemeyer Quilting. The class project was Sunflower Illusions.

Wow....isn't this absolutely magnificent?  Paper piecing is something I'd like to learn more about and I could believe my LQS had this class and I wasn't signed up.  Talk about kick myself!!!  (Signing up for classes is something I avoid ignorant reasoning...I already have so many UFO's I need to get those done first.)
 If I had seen all these paper patterns before the class I would have instantly said, "no way I could manage to do that."  Watching all those women working on their Sunflower Illusions were absolutely amazing.
While I was admiring every one's choice of fabric (100% true) you know the one that drew me over quickly....yep...the one with Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  I was careful not to allow myself to drool on the block...some how I don't think they girls would have appreciated my saliva on their work.
Sue Wilson, the teacher, was so sweet...she let me look at her samples and even held up one for me to photograph.  She was patient you know I wanted to watch what she was doing too.

Sue had 30 pieces of fabric in a stack and she cut them all out at one time.  I've never seen anyone do that before so I was very impressed. 
Talk about wild....all those pieces cut and ready to go!  Sue told me that Judy Niemeyer has her own methods of doing foundation paper piecing and the  process certainly looked much more manageable that I had imagined.  

Yep...I got my 108" backing fabric....but I also left with a fascination for foundation paper piecing AND regret for not having signed up for that class.  But that doesn't mean I won't be looking up another class soon.



  1. Yep, same reason I'm not learning anything "new." Drool, drool, drool.......

  2. I think you'd enjoy a class on paper piecing - I struggled for a long time to figure it out (this was years ago, so there weren't really any youtube videos to check - just websites with photos) - it didn't "click" for me until a friend of mine sat down and showed me how to do it - when I saw what she was doing, it FINALLY made total sense! It's a wonderful way to get really accurate points and seams!

  3. That looks like a great class. Someday we'll both take it!

  4. Lucky you!!! I wouldn't want to commit to such a huge project.... You know the short attention span and the next project always reposition priorities....RIGHT?

  5. Don't remind me about the projects in my I need to work om those.

  6. I've only tried paper piecing once, never again, lol....but that quilt certainly is beautiful!!!

  7. Funny - paper piecing was the first quilty thing I did, and I still love it!! Best way to get perfect results, every time!!! Port Lavaca (down by yet another beach) LQS ladies are all the time trying to sign me up for that class!!!! And they have FUDGE!!!

  8. I love it do time. Maybe when they put me in a nursing home or the nut house!

  9. Paper piecing was the first thing I learned in the quilting arena...but now I avoid it. LOL

  10. Wow! What fun to see one of her classes. The patterns are amazing. I love paper piecing and the fabulous designs that can be accomplished with that technique.

  11. I haven't tried paper piecing yet either, too may projects on my to do list at the moment, but all those NY Beauty blocks around the quilt blogisphere make me want to give it a try.

  12. I'm sorry I missed this class, too! It looks like fun and a certified teacher would be great for it! Maybe next time....


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