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Monday, April 16, 2012

Bling Your Thing - Entries Post I

Entry #1 by Diane
 Coil Bowl Blinged with Beads
 This is Diane's first coil bowl and I think it is just beautiful.
Diane's second submission- "a red handbag; pattern comes with a label to sew in!  I'm sewing beads on the little dogwood flowers and have really just started that part.  I sewed 2 buttons on, the large black Asian one and the white dragonfly."

"This is my own pattern, I used the hot fix crystals...and it's not supposed to be square, but it didn't turn out as wonky as I'd hoped, lol.  I've had this pattern in my head for two years so I must thank you for giving me the incentive to get it out!"
 You know I loved the crystal bling added to the vase Allie!  Love your pattern really is beautiful.

 Entry #3 by Sandra -

"I wasn't able to get a good clear photograph that shows the bling, but I added seed beads and some tube beads to this little zipper bag, thanks to your challenge :)  That was fun,and far easier than I imagined!"

Sandra is right about the photo...the beads are a little bit hard to see....but when I made the photo larger...I think you can see them.  What a fun way to add some fun to your bag Sandra!  I know I would smile every time I pulled this out of my purse.

 Entry #4 by Karin -

"I'm not much on the BLING aspect of Bling-Bling, unlike most other Texans, but I think the embellishments I added really do make the outfits!"

I know if I were a little girl, I would jump for joy after opening that package.  Wonderful job Karin!

Editors Note:  I'll be posting more entries all this week.  If you have one, please send it to me with permission to use your photos, name and blog link if you have one.  There are no "rules" and no project is too small ....wait until you see'll really believe me then!!!  There is absolutely no judging what so ever....just the joy of sharing something that you have been inspired to "BLING."  Click HERE  for more information.



  1. LOVE that bowl!!! And Sandra's bag is just awesome, and Karin's right, the embellishments do make the outfit! Oh Kelly this is so fun!

  2. Great blingy projects, ladies! And yes, this IS fun - I want to bling everything now, lol! I really like those chunky big beads Diane added to her bowl - I think that would also work to bling the top of a tote bag ... hmmmmmmm another project!

  3. All of the entries so far are just beautiful! Thanks for the fun, Kelly!

  4. Lovely projects! Very inspiring, too. :)

  5. I have enjoyed seeing all the bling projects. Looks like they all had some creative ideas.


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