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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quilted Gifts from your Scraps & Stash Book Review

It seems like every time I turn around there is another birthday, wedding, shower or some life event where I want to give something personal....something that I have made. Both of my brothers have birthday's in April and my sister and mother have birthday's in May. That's just my family...not my husbands or my own family. Do you ever feel like you had a list of fun things to make and give on those special days?

I've had the pleasure of reviewing Quilted Gifts from your Scraps & Stash for House of White Birches and this book is just the ticket for those special occasions.  

One of the cool things I like about this book is how the projects are categorized.  They are listed under one of the following headings: "5-Hour Favorites, 10 Hour Treats, 17 Hour Sensations, 24 Hour Treasures and Take Your Time."  Given I am the queen of the last minute and the fly by the seat of your pants type,  these headings really serve to sober me up.  I think everything will "not take that long."  Why?  Who knows why but I do know that everything takes longer than I thought it would :)

There are a lot of gift project books out there and I've had the pleasure of reviewing a few on my blog.  I'd add this book to the list of  "great project books" because of the variety of projects included.  There are projects for all, women and children. 

Check out these fun coasters.  "Charming Coasters" are a beginners level project with good directions as well as diagrams.  I have to say these are some of the most cheerful coasters I've seen in a long time.  Although these are really cute....I can see them being made for both of my brothers depending on the fabric I would choose. 
 The "Mini Dresden Ornament" is another project that I really loved.  We all have those holiday gift exchanges in our guilds or families.  I can see this being done in any number of different fabrics and given as a wonderful gift.  This is one of those hand projects that you can have sitting next to your chair or in the car.  By the end of the year you could probably have 4 or 5 done easily and they would be there when you needed a lovely gift.  I can easily see this being made in any seasonal fabrics and used over a door handle as decoration.

"Wild Goose Chase Wallet" is a 10 hour project.  Who couldn't use one of these?  I carry a purse but I can think of many occasions where I just want to take a wallet and this would be perfect for those times. 

Call me corny...if you want to....but I have always loved receiving hand made pot holders.  "Jolly Santa Pot Holder is a perfect project for those who have never done any applique and want a small project when learning. Just try and tell me you would not smile if someone made one of these for you (given you are a Christian who celebrates Christmas of course).
 "Pathways Prayer Shawl" also grabbed my attention.  Recently I was at an evening baseball game and it was cold outside.  Several folks had big blankets with them.  How about a quilted shawl to keep you warm during those events?  That certainly is more "me" than a big ole blanket.
Talk about a wonderful gift....even for yourself!  What about giving someone one of these instead of a whole quilt?  It's like a bed runner but it's a "shoulder runner"  LOL.
"Button Checkerboard" is another one of those really neat ideas to give as a gift.  Nothing says you can't make it a chess board too.  

I've only show you 7 of the 40 projects included in Quilted Gifts from your Scraps & Stash.  Yes...I said 40...four zero!!!  The book is only $19.95....that is only 50 cents per project/pattern.  Now I'd certainly say this is a bargain.  The projects are know I wouldn't say they were if they weren't....I don't embellish or lie just to get folks to buy a book....y'all know me better than that. 

Speaking of knowing me better than that....I've been a bit quiet lately.  I've been making a secret project that I'm excited about.  Can't blog about it until after it is given away....the person who it is for just might see the post so I'm keeping it under wraps for another week at least.

I hope all is well in your world!



  1. I love book reviews. I don't like to buy a sewing or craft book until I know that there is more than just whats on the cover will be useful to me. This looks like one that I would use for sure.

  2. This book certainly sounds great. And I agree with Sherry. I only buy books that have several projects that I know I will make. Thanks for the review.

  3. that book looks like it has some really great projects in it. I love that pillow on the cover.

  4. Great review Kelly! Love the Santa potholder! It's such a cheerful gift! Have a wonderfufl week!

  5. That looks like an amazing book! I love that wallet! And what a great idea, to have the projects classed by how long they take.

  6. Oh, I would definitely make that wallet, and probably the pot holder too...and given enough time, I'd whip up a shoulder quilt or two - my girls would probably love to have a small-ish blanket at the grandkids' ball would be like wrapping up in a hug from mom! What a great idea!!

    Can't wait to see the big secret revealed!! (and you're doing REALLY WELL to keep it a big secret, too!!!)


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