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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Tutorial I Could Not, Not Share

This post was supposed to "air" on 2/5/10 and it did not post....don't know why.  So here it is:

I found this blog: Happy Together.  Not only is the title so wonderful but the photos and the designs are really wonderful too.  Have you ever clicked on a blog and said to yourself, self....this feels good....great photos....and projects I can connect with?  This is one of those.

Jessica has written a tutorial for these pin cushions.  Who would not want one of these?  If you have a zillion pin about a sachet?  A block to put into a project?  Just a photo to save and smile at when you see it?

Make sure you click on the first link and scroll down to see a picture of a beautiful little girl smiling and playing in her tent.  It will melt any Mommy's heart.....and if you are not a Mommy....just pretend for a moment!!  If you pretend longer than may have issues that can not be discussed in this blog post....ya better e-mail me off line. (LOL)



  1. Hi Kelly !! Those are just the cutest pin cushions! Thanks for sharing the link for the tutuorial!

    ...AND nice to meet you! I'm just now getting around to visit all the nice gals who visited me on my blog for the One World One Heart give away. Love your blog AND please come back for more visits on mine !

  2. Have I been missing in action? How did I miss so many of your post? I am shocked, ashamed....and I read them, loved them and now....feel much better.


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