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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Two Steps Forward....

One Step Back.....
By the looks of this heart, you might think I have taken up drinking or there was an earthquake in OH.  Talk about operator error...LOL.  The boys were playing nearby and I was paying more attention to them and kept looking away, so this is the result.

Lots of folks are afraid of these type of seam rippers.  I have a friend who winces every time she sees me us this one.  Why?  Don't ask me.  I love my seam ripper. It is made by Famore and the blade is very sharp so I don't have to really do anything other than glide it through these stitches and then....I'm free to start over!!  Did I mention the seam ripper comes with three blades?  Not one, not two....but three blades.  I don't know if I'll ever need all three blades....but just in case....I have them :)  I always share my best finds with would'nt be as fun if I kept all this great info to myself, right?

That was fast and I used the tips of my GrabARoo's to rub my fingers across the remaining threads and they easily came off.  The little nubs on the gloves work great for getting threads out.  The of course I used my vacuum to clean up the mess I made on my table....but hey....these are not table saws that come with cool vacuum attachments. there is a manufacturing idea!!!  I want  a sewing vacuum that can be mounted to the underside of my sewing table so I can just suck up the threads and scraps everywhere!!!  (Don't forget the copyright on my blog :)

So....lets see how far I can get now that I have 5 new spools of thread and three of my hearts removed because I want my wall hanging to be great....not just ok. 

Picky Smiles,


  1. YOu make it look soooo simple!!!

  2. To me "seam ripper" is a four letter word! I'd say the boys really had your attention while you were sewing that heart!

  3. Love it! I want the vacuum cleaner when you get it manufactured!

  4. I love your vacumm cleaner idea. I do think this is a very viable idea. Better put a patent on it ASAP! Think of a mini dustbuster for sewing, embroidery and quilting enthusiasts! Perfect! I'll order one now!



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