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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Carnival Was A Success!!!! HURRAY

I've been blogging about being so busy with the boy's school carnival.  Thankfully it was last night and the weather did not seem to detour people from coming. 

The boys had a ball.  They played carnival games, had caricatures of themselves drawn, made glass magnets, bopped around at the cake walk and thankfully did not play the gold fish game :)

This was a really neat project offered by the art teacher.  Parents paid $5 per child to make either a glass pendent or a glass magnet.  $3 covered the cost of materials and firing and $2 went to the Parent Boosters (who raise money for projects and educational materials for the students).  Zach loved making his glass magnet.  He got to wear cool glasses and select pieces of colored glass-score it and use the clamps to break it.....ohhhhhhh.....that was way cool for him.

Here is Aaron in the cafeteria sporting his latest prize-blue Dracula fangs!!!

The cake walk was a big hit so there was a long line most of the night.  When the night was winding down I encouraged the boys to go back and do the cake walk....oh yea....the each won a little cake to bring home.
Here are the caricatures Rick had done of the boys.....aren't they  cool?

If the records are correct we raised 5 times as much money this year in the silent auction and raffle as we did yesterday.  Now that's what I'm talking about.....and the bulk of that was done by two women.  Can you imagine what could be done by say.....6 women?  Hmmmmm.....
We had lots of snow overnight.  Rick and the boys made this very fun snowman in our front yard.  You ask...."Kelly why weren't you out there making that cool snowman too?"  My reply, "I would have been.....but the maid has been out working for the school carnival for the week and there is no food here either...yikes :)

Cotton Candy Smiles,


  1. What fun!! Love it all! The pictures are priceless!!

  2. Sounds a good time was had with the IHAN family. Love the caricatures.



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