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Thursday, February 25, 2010

GRABAROO'S NOW in BLACK...and my favorite JanetBasket

GrabARoo's now come in Black (xl only)!!! You may wonder whey I am excited about this. My brother stocks shelves and his hands are so rough that they could be used as sandpaper and I'm not exaggerating even a little bit. These gloves are wonderful for anyone who handles paper or cardboard. Those papers take the oil right out of your skin and leaves your hands so dry that they crack. Not any more....GrabARoo's to the rescue :) His birthday is coming and when he opens these gloves....he will be sooo thrilled. (he does not read my blog :)

I've had several e-mails from women asking me if I thought GrabARoo's would work for husbands with their jobs.  If they don't like about Black? 

You know what else I like about GrabARoo'sAudrey, Miriam, and Tracy.  GrabARoo's are their invention and I've had the great fortune to spend time with them at Quilt Market.  If you have any questions at all about GrabARoo's....just ask them....they are honest and very helpful.  You can visit them here.

I carry this bag with my punchneedle in it when I go to meetings or when I think I'm going to get an spare few minutes to punch.  I have been stopped a few times lately and asked where I got it.  Yes....I told them I have a store and I gave them my business card.  Can you blame me?  I was thinking about it and I remembered I never blogged about my wonderful new friend.
She is a  Red Floral Eco Bag by JanetBasket.  I have not given her a name yet....but I should. 
She is like a Marcus Welby MD's bag....but she is pretty and RED. 
I like the handle because I can cover the strap with the padded cover-it Velcro's closed.  The handle does not bite into my hand....I like that :)
Look how many pockets she has (too bad Polly Pockets is taken....that would have been a great name for this bag.  I can keep my punchneedle book and my writing tablet in one side....
and on the water (one for for Rosemary)
And if those were not enough pockets ....there are large pockets on each end.  I keep my punchneedle case in one end and my snacks in the other. (yes I carry food....what if I get lost/stranded/starve to death)
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Oh yea.....and because I'm neurotic and don't ever want to "need a thread" there is room for my two boxes of threads.  I don't always carry my threads....but if I think I many need them....I just pop them into the bag. you know what strangers know....I love my bag :)  Tomorrow is the boys Winter Carnival at their school.  I've worked on the Silent Auction and Raffle items and I'm hoping we have a wonderful turnout.  The boys are excited because we will have a jail there....they have to pay tickets to lock Mommy and Daddy up and Mommy and Daddy will have to pay tickets to get out.  Cute idea isn't it?  The boys love it.  Oh yea....did I mention the cake walk?  That too will be a huge hit.  Time for games?  I'm not guys love the cake walk and I know I'll have to tear them away from the raffle baskets too!  I'll take some pix and post should be lots of fun.



  1. I had to laugh when you said Marcus are showing your age...HA!!!! Trust me...I am way ahead of you on that one. Great bag!!

  2. Thanks for the tip on the Grabaroos. My white gloves get dirty looking so fast that black would be an advantage.


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