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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Silk Heart Quilt by Sarah Vedeler Designs and Free Motion Quilting by Patsy Thompson Designs

I know what you are thinking....yep....I do.  You are thinking to yourself....hmmmm...did Kelly finish her Valentines wall hanging today.  The no.  But I did get the thread I need to finish....yippee!!!  I had to buy 5 spools....because not one local sold it by the spool in the color I needed.  Guess I'll be using this thread for lots of

Since I've been tied up with the details of life I've not shown you some of the beautiful things I have seen lately.  Check out this quilt beautiful and delicious.

Now you can not tell me that you would not flip if you had a silk quilt with beautiful hearts on it.....for a special anniversary (my 10th is coming in May) or as a Wedding Gift!!!  I might even be willing to marry my husband all over again if I knew I'd get this Silk Hearts Quilt (you speak one word of this to him....and your name is mud...LOL).

Adding these DVD's to my website has been on my "to do" list for way too long.  I'm even embarrassed because Patsy Thompson is a local here and I have even had the pleasure of meeting her.  If you read this Patsy...please forgive me.  (I have lots of excuses....dogs eating'm done :)

Free Motion Fun with Vines and Leaves & Fast and Free are just two DVD's I've added to my website.  You can see them all by clicking here.  Patsy Thompson Designs also has some free downloads on her site.  Check them here :)

My machine does not have the stitch regulator so it is a bit more difficult to practice free motion quilting on my machine.  After "playing" with the big guns (click here and scroll down until you see me with the big guns!!) going back to my machine....well it is just not the same.  But I thought I would share that I have added them to my website just in case you are wanting to learn how to do Free Motion Quilting or you already know how and want to improve your skills.  No, I'm not planning on purchasing a Long Arm Quilt Machine....just so you know.  If I win one....I'll work at learning how to use it and you all can come over and play with it too!!!  Print this out and keep it as proof of your invitation for entry into my home :)


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