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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Calling ALL United Airlines Personnel and Anyone Who Knows Anyone at UA

There is an APB/Amber Alert out for Ricky Tim's Bohemian Rhapsody quilt!

(not officially.....but here in IHAN-township there is)

So very sad but true, one of his "babies" is missing and he needs everyone's help.  So if you know anyone at all who works for United Airlines who could possibly be of assistance....please phone them directly and insist they begin searching directly for this treasure.

These are the details:

I had two international flights before arriving in Chicago at the international terminal (#5). At this location we were required to collect our luggage, pass through customs, and place the bags on a United Airlines conveyor, placing them in the care of United Airlines employees where they would be directed to my final domestic flight. I had both of my bags in my possession in Chicago. My final flight was from Chicago to Colorado Springs this past Saturday evening.

Upon arrival in Colorado Springs, one of my two bags did not arrive so I reported it to the baggage office and was told by the official that my bag would be on the first flight the next morning. It was not. Now, 48 hours have passed. Six calls have been made to United Airlines "delayed" baggage with no results. I was told that the bag tag was not scanned once I delivered the bag to the United Airlines conveyor and therefore the bag should still be at the international terminal in Chicago.
 (copied from the Daily Blog for the purposes of assisting in finding Bohemian Rhapsody)

If you can assist in any way you can contact Ricky by clicking here (no sympathy notes please....just the business of finding his quilt).
I know this community can and will help.....thats what we do best, right? 

Upside down smiles,


  1. I think that Ricky did get his baggage returned. I read it on someone elses blog.

  2. Oh man, upside down smiles is right...


  3. Ricky and his quilt have been reunited. You can check the blog at TQS for a lovely picture of the 2 of them together.


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