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Monday, February 15, 2010

Channeling Gilda Radner as Rosanna Rosanna Danna Today :)

I wish I had a audio clip of what I was thinking when I realized that I would not have enough thread to finish outlining my hearts. It went something like this, "Its' Always Something." But the voice I heard in my head was Rosanna Rosanna Dannas voice.

I loved Gilda Radner....I still do....she was wonderful. my thread dwindled off the spindle...Gilda's voice calmed me and made me smile. What the heck....every thing else on the earth has gotten in the way of me finishing this project.....why not run out of thread, right?

Here is my progress.....

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I'm glad I was not asked to build any Pyramids or the Sistine Chapel....or invent a'd still be waiting...LOL

Rosanna Rosanna Danna Smiles,
Kelly Fi Fo Felly Kelly, Sme, Smi, Smo Smelly with Jelly Kelly....see all this is starting to affect me....wiggle....flinch....giggle


  1. LOL. Great things don't happen over night. Your Anniversary quilt is going to be beautiful. I really love your fabrics and am very impressed how you fussy cut your fabrics with the AccuQuilt!


  2. I channel her all the time... "If it's not one thing, it's another..." Loved that character...

  3. I cried when she died! She is still the funniest comedianne!! Still love her! I love your heart thingy!

  4. Everyone has one of those days, my is usually the bobbin running out just as I am almost finish.
    I love hearts, love your piece.


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