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Friday, December 17, 2010

Change of Plans

Flexible...oh yeah that's me....I have to be flexible and now you do too!!  No Giveaway Today...I have a sick co-worker home and I had to tend to him all day.  I guess we'll all just go with the flow and I'll be able to get something up soon. 

Nothing serious....upset stomach and lots of whining.  Wonder where he gets that from?  I get fussy when I'm sick too.....must be a genetic thing....or not!

Hope you each had a great day and I'll be back in touch tomorrow....unless I'm forced to be even more flexible....dang sometimes I feel like Gumby Momma :)

Very Limber Smiles,


  1. Sometimes other things are more important, like a sick co-worker. I do hope that they feel better soon.

  2. Hi Kelly,

    Hope that very valuable employee is well soon! Don't you go getting sick as well-take care.

    big hugz

  3. You actually think that the holiday will come and throw out a few hitches;) I hope your friend gets well and you don't catch it.


  4. hope the co-worker gets better soon and no one else catches it. I WANT to be whiney when not feeling well, but at least I Can hold that over hubbys head when HE is not feelign well because he is the biggest baby I know when ill!

  5. Hope your coworker is feeling better soon!!

  6. Oh no - get it over with BEFORE Christmas - I hope he's feeling better very quickly, and that nobody else gets it!

  7. poor thing... flat ginger ale and saltines always helped me...

    when I get sick I want to quietly crawl into a ball and hide...

    I'm whiny every

  8. Hope your co worker gets well soon...

  9. I hope that co-worker feels better real soon

  10. Hi Gumby Momma,
    The co-worker is smart to get this out of the way before everything starts getting more nuts at your place. Just make sure you take your vitamins so nothing happens to you. I don't want to see you really green.

  11. Sorry about the sick kiddo!! Hope he's feeling better today!

  12. Hope your little co-worker is feeling fine soon. What a bummer to be sick when it's the holidays.

  13.'s a tough time of year to have sick kids! I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  14. Take your time, come first!

  15. Hope he feels better.
    Take care this weekend!

  16. So sorry abour your co-worker's tummy troubles. :( Hope he's back on his feet real soon! Then Gumbyma can get back to more fun stuff!!

  17. Hope your coworker feels better soon! Poor little item! But nothing like an enforced day off :-) Enjoy (apart from the looking after the patient!)


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