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Monday, December 13, 2010

IHAN Goes Ape Over The Sizzix Vagabond

Ok, now before you watch this I just want to say that this is my first published video and I have exactly no experience doing this.  I was scared and my hands were shaking a bit.  I so badly wanted to show everyone how the Vagabond works and not just in photos.  Much of the video relates back to my earlier post about the Vagabond arriving here at IHAN

Here is the long list of credits:
Directed by: Kelly Jackson
Written by: No one,  it was all ad lib
Produced by IHAN
Director of Photography: Mr. McSteamy
Editor: Mr. McSteamy
Costume Designer: That was no costume...I dress like that every day
Make Up and Hair Designer: None, that's why Mr. McSteamy did not shoot the face or hair
CAST : IHAN CEO, The Sizzix Vagabond Killer Fabric Cutter, Mr. Mucinex as the stowaway
Camera Operator: Mr. Mc Steamy
Script Supervisor: Would have been great to have one.
Post Production Supervisor: Kelly Jackson
Supervising Sound Editor: Could have used one of those too.
Construction Manager: Mr. Mc Steamy moved all the toys and put up the table for the big shoot.

It took all evening just to shoot 4 minutes of I know why we pay so much to go to see a movie at the theatre!



  1. Thanks Kelly - the Vagabond looks like it works beautifully! Video was great!

  2. really love how that works;)
    On the surface area, how does it compare with the big shots?


  3. We can call you Grace Kelly now...just enjoyed the video and the information you have given. I love both post.

  4. Now that is truly amazing!!! Thanks for the demo.

  5. Ok, REALLY happy I didn't buy the Accuquilt!!! Motorized!!! and it works with other dies too!!! Now I can get into this!!! Thanks for the video and the credits... made me laugh first thing this morning!!!

  6. Cool Beans!!! I thought that was super neat Kelly!! And it was fun to hear what your voice sounds like too!

  7. Kelly,
    This machine looks great and your video was fabulous! Can't wait to try one out!

    How did Mr. Mucinex get through casting? Just what happened on that casting couch?

  8. Wow, Kelly. Thanks for the awesome review of this product. It looks fantastic.

  9. Congratulations to Kelly and Mr. McSteamy. Great production. Love it.

    I had seen earlier videos of the Vagabond, but nothing showing it cutting fabric. Your video is excellent and I also appreciate you sharing insights on how it can use AccuQuilt dies. The Vagabond is definitely going on my wish list and I hope Santa will bring me one (of course, from IHAN).

    Thanks for sharing your insights. I'm off to subscribe to your youtube channel and check out the Vagabond in the IHAN store so I can tell Santa what I want.


  10. Girl, you did a wonderful job!!! And your hair looks lovely. Boy after seeing that video, I REALLY want one now!!!

  11. LOL @ Patsy about Mr. Mucinex and the casting couch... Inquiring minds want to know.

    Great demo video! that machine is sexy! I like how you don't have to turn a crank on this. Hmmmmmmmm....

    I bet you get nominated for an emmy....

  12. Oh Kelly you did a great job. It really is a lot of work to make those videos isn't it?

  13. Great job Kelly, that's an amazing machine.

  14. You did a fantastic job you the video!! Thank you for this, I've been trying to compare, and someday when I save up.. I'll be ready. Now, not ALL of the accuquilt dies fit do they? What are the dimensions of the ones that do? Or do they All fit?

  15. Whoa! You GO, girl! Surely you'll be up for an Emmy..oh, wait, you can't win one unless you're "acting" and you do not appear to be acting - looks like you really believe in your product, and we can see why. Is to rotary wheels what rotary wheels were to scissors. Imagine all the time & hand cramps saved!! Thanks for such a great video & demo!!

  16. Thanks so much for showing us this. That looks so much easier being motorized! and just look how easily and quickly you cut that much!! Love the credits too. Awesome!

  17. Thanks for showing us how to use the machine.

  18. That's why I pre-ordered the is awesome! It embellishes incredible too, and can cut through chipboard or really anything with no problem. Thanks for a great video!

  19. Great job on the video! The Vagabond looks easy as pie!

  20. trying to figure out which cutting machine I want to buy....have had the Vagabond recommended and then told to check out your video. Looks great!!


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