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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sometimes, You Just Have To Make Something

By now everyone knows my website was down and I sat for 2  1/2 days at my computer trying over and over to get into the site and sometimes I could get in and do something and then it would knock me off.  You can imagine the hours of frustration and the feelings of helplessness.  Early on I decided I would get through this experience one way or another and I'm be happier if I had something to do with my hands while I was click, click, clicking. 
I brought my sewing machine next to my computer and started working on the long list of Christmas gifts I have to make.  If you are wondering if I always wait until December to start my gifts.....the answer is.....Yes....that is the case more often than not!!  LOL....and I'm sure I'm not alone either! Right?


You may remember this post, when I started learning from the book, It's a Wrap.  I wanted to continue my "lessons" so I started with these bowls.  Wrapping the clothesline kept my fingers busy while I was waiting for the computer to respond.  Working with my hands is such therapy for me and I definitely needed some THERAPY.  The bowl above is one of my favorites.  I started with a 8 inch bottom so this baby is going to be large. 

Here is a pix of the side of the bowl.  Ain't she purdy?
I also made these two smaller ones.  The brown and orange was made from Batik and will be given to my younger Brother for Christmas.  Don't worry, he doesn't read my blog.  No one in birth family reads my blog so I can show all the secrets. 

I also watched these 3 DVD's Paintstik Inspirations by Laura Murray, Thread Therapy with Dr. Bob and Bobbin Play with Bonnie .  I've seen a few of them before but I wanted to review what I had learned.  Since I've dipped my toe into the thread painting/sketching/doodling/coloring I wanted to see how to use the more decorative threads that won't go through my sewing machine needle but can be used in the bobbin.  Bonnie McCaffery sure has some great ideas and tips.  Now I can hopefully finish the backpack project.

Some of the usual products at IHAN have accidentally been removed and will be replaced.  If there is something you are looking for and don't see, please e-mail me and I'll take care of getting it for you.  There is also Free Shipping at IHAN until Dec. if you have been wanting something heavy or large now is a great time to order them.

The deadline for the Square-agonals Giveaway is tomorrow, if you have not left a just might want to do that....on the Square-Agonals post....not here.



  1. Wow, restless mind (and hands) do make some beautiful crafts! Pretty!

  2. I spent a lot of time today, thinking about what I could be doing, haha. I love those bowls, definitely want to try some, someday.


  3. That looks like an interesting project!

  4. Maybe your computer mice wanted you to take some time off and play? Looks like you've been having fun. Love your bowl(s).


  5. Those bowls are beautiful, now I need to add them to my list of things to learn.

  6. I am loving your bowls. You did a great job on them. I love the purple bottom one. But then, I like them all.

  7. How do I win one of those bowls Kelly?? LOL!! I have seen those before at a craft show and thought they were fabulous, but I didn't purchase one:(

    The brown and orange bowl looks very earthy!

  8. very pretty! I know exactly what you were going through. I've been without internet service once for over a week. Thought I would absolutely lose my mind!! I do think I lost a few hairs though. Finally gave in because there wasn't anything I could do to change the situation. It was probably one of my most productive weeks, not being able to get online. Great job keeping busy!

  9. I really like your therapy, the bowls are beautiful! Love the colors. You are definitely not alone on the procrastination...I'm hoping to start on my Xmas gifts this weekend.

  10. Wow Kelly, those bowls are amazingly beautiful!! Good job!

  11. I really want to try these bags! Did you see ami simms makes them with died clothes line? No wrapping! But I do have SOME fabric here!

  12. What great bowls! I have the "It's a Wrap" book, but unfortunately I haven't made any projects yet. Maybe soon!

  13. That must have been SOOOO frustrating with your website!! I'm glad you made it through. The bowls look wonderful!
    I wait until December most of the time, too!

  14. Those bowls are just stunning Kelly! I just love them!


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