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Thursday, December 30, 2010

When Darkness Comes

Edited: 11:00 PM 
Another dear friend in PA gave me an update…..Kay is obviously distressed but her main concern is her daughter in law Shiela. ( Kay has been teaching Sheila,to quilt).  That is the kind of heart Kay has….loosing her last surviving child and now concerned about her daughter in law.  What an amazing woman.

Last Edit I promise.  I set up an e-mail account and if you would prefer to send an e-mail rather than a card you can send it to:
I will print them all and take them to her.  For those of you would would like to send a card my addy is 25696 Brittany Rd. Perrysburg OH 43551.  Just address it to Kay c/o Kelly Jackson and I'll take them to her.  If you want to send one to Sheila, Kay's daughter in law, you can just write Sheila c/o Kelly Jackson or send them to the e-mail addy above.

I have a dear friend in PA who has lost her son in a car accident this morning.  Her name is Kay and when I think of Kay I think of a tall strong sunflower that brings a smile to everyone's face.  Years ago she lost a son and then a daughter....and today her only surviving child has died tragically.
We all know there is nothing that can be said or done....yet....we all want to do something....and there isn't much a person can do other than let her know we care.  Kay does not have a computer and does not use the internet so I can't just say....can you drop her a line.  

However, if you are like me and would want to reach out and just say can do that and I'll take the cards to her when I go home on Jan. 13th.  Just e-mail me at and I'll give you my home addy if you don't have it all ready.  You can address it to Kay C/O Kelly Jackson and I'll take them home with me and give them to her.  Please keep her and her family in your prayers/thoughts/ or what ever ritual you practice when things like this occur.

Many of my PA friends know Kay and I am certain you are all hurting along with her.  Please don't tell her I've done this....I'd like to quietly give her some cards from other quilters and stitchers that would like to reach out. 

I'm so sad for Kay that it makes posting almost anything else today meaningless.  Once again an important reminder to be present for each moment of our lives and to embrace those we love for the time that we are able to do so.



  1. Oh Kelly, I am just tearing up... feeling that pain for her, too... Praying for strength, wisdom, faith and peace during this very difficult time. No parent should have to go through this... Hugs to her and hugs to you for being her friend...

  2. My heart goes out to Kay, I cannot imagine losing a child and she has had way too much loss.


  3. My heart aches for this lady and her family. That is so so sad. Please send her my condolances and I will pray for her and her family. So sad..

  4. Trying to find the right words. I can only pray for God's peace for Kay. I can't imagine what Kay is going through. I do know you are a special friend.


  5. Please God be with Kay ... bless her heart for such unspeakable pain! Prayers be with you

  6. Oh how very sad. That poor woman. I shall add her to my prayers tonight! I would love to send her a card.

  7. Oh Kelly this is so sad. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

  8. So very sad. Oh how I wish I had magic dust that I could sprinkle and make this all go away. I will definitely be sending positive thoughts & prayers out for Kay.


  9. I'll drop something in the mail in the next couple of days. Hug her extra for me....can't imagine her pain....

  10. Oh dear, Kelly. Please send me your address. I can't even imagine what your poor, dear friend must be going through. You might want to have people send you emails for her, it would be faster! You could print them out and give them to her. a card I'm sure she would not mind you doing that. Either way, I am happy to snail mail you or send you an email.

  11. Kelly,

    I'm saying prayers for your dear friend and her family. For you as well. I will send you something to take to your friend in PA...


  12. Oh my gosh Kelly, that is just terrible what your friend is going through, losing 2 children is more than enough heartache, but losing a 3rd one must be unbearable. I just don't know what to say... my heart and prayers go out to Kay, may God help her make it through all the heart ache and tragedy that's been thrown her way.

  13. How horribly heart wrenching, to have lost the last of all of your children! It's also got to be very terrible for her DIL to cope with as well. Please give Kay and Sheila my condolences also. I will pray for them both, that our Comforter will give them peace, comfort and strength through this ordeal. Words are insufficient at times like this, but hopefully through them, we can give these two hurting women a verbal hug and some comfort that they are not alone.

  14. How very heartbreaking....good thoughts are sent your way

  15. Such a heartbreaking tragedy. Kay & Sheila are both in our hearts & prayers and we hope they will rely on each other for strength during this difficult time. A card (I'd be willing to bet you get swamped with cards!) will be on the way shortly.

  16. Oh, my. Friends who have lost children say there is no pain greater. I hope Kay finds peace somehow.

  17. Oh Kelly there are no words - send me your address. My heart is just breaking for her.

  18. My heart goes out to your friend. You will both be in my thoughts and prayers.

  19. Found your blog very creative.
    And was so Sorry to hear of your friend, my prayers go out to her and her family.

    Pam N

  20. Kelly, I am just now reading this and it breaks my heart and makes the tears flow. I have friends who have faced a similar situation and it has taken us all years to walk the path of loss and grieving. My heart, my thoughts, and prayers go out to Kay and blessings to you for being such a precious light in her life, and in ours.

  21. I was just rereading your posts, and I saw this. My heart goes out to Kay and my prayers too. I can imagine how terrible the loss is for her and the family. Kay sounds like such a dear person, and I know you will be there for her.

  22. I am too late to send a card to your friend, but would just like to say my heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with her. You are a wonderful friend.


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