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Monday, December 13, 2010


When I walked outside to get this box I saw the label and my heart rate sky rocketed.  If you live in a 4 state radius of IHAN I'm sure you heard me screaming when I saw this on my doorstep....I scared the co-workers....poor guys.

Do you see those words....yes those....the one's that read...Tim Holtz and VAGABOND by Sizzix!!!  On my front porch no less.  All I could think was, feet don't fail me now.  I ran into the house and the kids wanted to know why I was all excited (they are home from school due to the weather and snow here in OH)
My co-worker standing next to me while I cut the tape on the box.....
Waldo's Granddaughter, Clair,  and my Co-Worker Zach were standing at my feet......they had to see what I was screaming about.

Look at this....even the cardboard box ROCKS.

This is exactly what you see when you open the box.....the stickers are to embellish your Vagabond any way you like.

Oh look, it comes with a luggage tag....somehow an IHAN card made it right into the slot even before I un-clipped the Vagabond.  I wasted no time marking this one as MINE....and I'm a darn good aim too....just for the record.
I clicked the button and the Vagabond suitcase opened right up.

It comes with standard cutting pads, a Solo Platform and a heart is pounding as I'm typing just recalling all these things that just happened a few minutes ago.....

Typically I clean up before I shoot pix....not today folks....sorry for the mess but I was just too excited to share this with pretend you don't see the mess, ok! Promise?
This is not a Sizzix warehouse...but I am happy to say I am fortunate to own the Big Shot Pro on the far right, the Vagabond, and the Big Shot in the background.  The Big Shot Express belongs to a customer in PA who asked me to give it a test run for her.  Within the last 24 hours I've had the incredible pleasure of cutting lots of applique shapes without even turning the handle.....sounds lazy right?  Think about it though.....when you need to cut hundreds of blocks or applique shapes your arms and shoulders get tired (mine do anyway) so it is wonderful to have one that you plug in and it just zips on through.  Many quilters have problems with Arthur (Arthritis) so the Big Shot Express and Vagabond are the ticket to cutting lots of pieces at one time and quickly too.

I'm going to quickly show you the machines so you can see which one's I'm talking about and the size differences.
This is my Big Shot Pro...I tape the photo from the package onto my dies so I can quickly glance and know which is which.
This is the Vagabond....can you say OH YEAH BABY?  This machine will make all other cutting systems dial kidding no joke and you have my will flip too.

This is the Big Shot Express with a Sizzix Snowman Die.  I was extremely pleased when I tested my friends Big Shot Express.  Since it does not belong to me I did not attempt to run 12 layers of fabric through it but I did cut 6 layers with ease. 

I know I'm excited and my post may not be as clear as I would like it to be so I'll just tell you that both the Vagabond and The Big Shot Express are electric.  The Big Shot and the Big Shot Pro are manual. 

This is my Big Shot, it does not come with my little friend who sits on mine...he makes me smile and I appreciate all the smiles I have in the dark months of winter.
The Vagabond has a little side compartment to hold the electric cord.....and when I looked away for just a minute.....

A stowaway jumped in.  See.....he is even happy to be close to my new Vagabond.
So, now is the time for the big test.  You know I'm not cutting up any fabric....not scraps....nope....I'm funny like that.  So I took a 100% cotton pillowcase cover that I bought at a factory sale for 25 cents and yes....I'll cut that up.  Will I cut one layer with the new Vagabond?  Two?  Three?  Four?  Heck no....the very first time I put fabric through this baby I used........
TWELVE layers.....why?  Because I heard this baby works like a dream and it cuts chip board....if it cuts chipboard (which is very dense cardboard) you know it will cut 12 layers of fabric.  Keep in mind I have not read the instructions and have no idea how many layers are recommended....but I did watch the YouTube video for the Vagabond and I knew I had to give it a spin.  I did not use the new cutting pads that came with it....I have to keep those pretty for awhile, I used the one's I use with my other Sizzix machines so you can see the pads are used.

I simply put the Sizzix Ornaments Die with 12 layers of fabric between the cutting mats and pushed the button.  The Vagabond is very quiet and within literally 3 seconds or less ( I didn't time it but I can if you want me to :) the die came through to the other did the test work?
Like a charm!!!  All 12 layers....cut through without one little string hanging....not one I tell ya.  Now you know why I'm so dog gone excited.....this machine cuts like BUTTAH and it is sooth, fast and sturdy! 

Look at all these perfect little ornaments.....24 in all seconds.  Can you even begin to imagine how quickly you can cut applique shapes?  Blocks? Circles? Triangles?  Dresden Plates?  I know many of you are like me and I can't keep going or we'll all need medical attention. 
Look at this....12 deep....smooth....real smooth.

That is 12 layers and I'm still looking at that stack of fabric.....I can hardly believe it....this is absolutely amazing to me...perfect....and I have one....please don't wake me up if this is a dream....I'll shoot ya.

When Mr. McSteamy gets home from work and the boys get settled down....I'm going to video tape me cutting this exact same thing you can see it and hear it for yourself.  If you can't wait you can always call me and I can hold the phone next to the machine so you can hear how quiet it won't believe it either. 
Last night I used the Big Shot Express to make the Tea Towel from my last post.  The entire thing took me 20 minutes.  I wanted to test the machine and I also wanted to make something useful so I used my "real" fabric.  There are so many dies for applique that your head may hang on tight before you click on any of the links here.
If you want to see the YouTube video before I make the IHAN Vagabond it is:

I've had these questions asked so many times that I'll post the answers here.  If you have any more questions please e-mail me don't ask them in the comments.  I'm on a vacation from replying to comments....but never if you want met to reply...send a e-mail or call me.  The contact info is on the front of the IHAN website.

Ok...I hope this all makes sense....I feel like I hit the Quilting Lottery....good thing I was not in a towel when the Fed Ex Driver came...LOL.

Giant Smiles,


  1. I love you for so many reasons! LOL!

  2. I'm glad you wrote about this because I had my eye on Accuquilt. I never heard of the Big Shot or The Vagabond until now.

  3. Oh, love how that works, it sure cuts nice.
    I was wondering how the cuts would look. I bet you are going to go nuts making lots of nice things with it for the holidays.


  4. Wow what a cutting machine! Can't wait to see you on youtube :-)

  5. Oh Kelly, your excitement came through the computer and made my heart race....I was excited to and I squealed when I saw how many layers you did with one cut....soooooooo fun....thanks so much!

  6. Congrats...I think you are having "too much fun!"

  7. That is so cool!!!! I am so excited for you Kelly! Have a blast playing with your new, super cool toy!!

  8. Oh, Kelly,
    how lucky you must feel.
    The other day while on Tim's sight I watched the Vagabond video.
    I am not a scrapper or stamper BUT YOU KNOW I AM A QUILTER!
    I own a GO! cutter and love it - - -
    but if someone was going to give me this Vagabond - I'd grab it in a New York Minute.
    A gal can't have too many toys.
    Happy Holiday Hugs

  9. Woo hoo. I would be in love with my mailman if they dropped off a vagabond at my door. Very happy for you....what fun you are going to have.


  10. Hmm...I like to freehand cut my appliques but I don't know, I just love the LOOK of the vagabond, lol! And it's electric? Want want want....

  11. Oh, Kelly. Your excitement is contagious. Thanks for sharing with us about it. I had never seen it before.

  12. Wow! Loved reading about the different machines! I want one! I will check out the video when I go to the library, thanks for sharing!

  13. Hi Kelly,
    Does the Vagabond accommodate ALL makes of dies?

    Thanks for your response,
    LuAnn in Oregon

  14. Kelly...cut it out!!! I thought I was the Queen of Gadgets!But YOU ARE the winner! This transcends "gadgetry"...My 82 year old heart is actually racing...My arthritic fingers are palpitating!!!Love it!!! GO,GIRL,GO!!!!...Thanks...RoeRoe....

  15. Can you explain the difference between it and the Accuquilt? A sales associate at an area store told me the Sizzix products were cheaper, and in her opinion, superior. They also used both dyes, whereas AQ only uses its dyes. I have rheumatoid arthritis, and I have trouble using a rotary cutter, but I am confused, and e-mailing either company for customer assistance is a waste of time. Sizzix has a Vagabond I and II, same price and description, and no one can explain the difference.


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