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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

IHAN Update and Giveaway Alerts


My co-workers are anticipating the arrival of their sisters tomorrow.  The house will be full, three daughters and a son in law....making a total of 8 in the IHAN Posse this Holiday Season. 

The youngest, has recently lost a front tooth and the next one is just dangling.....and I think if the Tooth Fairy is too busy the Elves will come and visit his pillow very soon.

Now I get a little break....I got sick....yep....can you believe it? I certainly can't. I went to the Dr. yesterday and got an antibiotic....hopefully this URI will clear up soon....because I have lots of fun stuff to be doing around here.

Mr. McSteamy was very tolerant of me....I was laying on the sofa and out of no where...I screamed...."Is today the 20th? is the 20th.....and it is the deadline for the Aurifil Christmas Photo thing.....I gotta get my entry in."  You would have though there was a fire with how I started running around.  Well, can you blame me?  The winner would get 28 spools of come on.....I would be willing to do a lot for that....wouldn't you?  Don't ask what...please....I've already posted photos of myself nude quilting on my blog....I just can't go there again.....and I did win that prize....and it was not even Aurifil Thread

I did not win.  I know, I know.....I'm sad too.....I could not stop thinking about that thread.....but apparently I was too focused on the prize because I never read the "Fun" part of the sentence.  DANG.....I could have done so many fun things with all that thread....but no....I thought it was about a Christmas decoration.  It pays to read folks!!!  It cost me 28 spools of Aurifil Thread.  Look at the cute little snowmen that here.  Aren't they cute?  Now those are time....I'm reading every word!

I'm going to find more Kleenex....the really soft stuff.....I'm really grateful for very soft Kleenex right now :)

Kelly foggy headed self forgot on very important thing....A VERY COOL GIVEAWAY going on at the Quilting Gallery Blog.  The drawing is tomorrow so get yourself over there and check it out :)

Tomorrow I'll be looking for 2 lucky winners for the current IHAN giveaway. OK, I hope that is everything.


  1. Feel better, Kelly. Let the posse take care of you this year. There is nothing a son in law likes better than a mother in law with a runny nose (wink!).

  2. Get well quick Kelly - you don't want to miss out on any of the fun with the whole family around!

  3. ick - a URI,,, double ick..
    get to feeling lots better!

    I love the wreath! It's a win in my book!

    Beth in Dallas
    ( who just happens to LOVE Aurifil thread! )

  4. I still love your wreath even if you didn't win. (but the snowmen are cute too)

    Where exactly are those pictures you won that other contest with???

  5. Oh Kelly I am so sorry that you are down with the crud. I hope you will be feeling better by tomorrow. Too much to do to be sick :-( And I love your co-workers toothless smile. He could be singing, "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth".

  6. It really stinks when the CEO gets sick...feel better very soon!

  7. Oh my gosh your co-workers are so HANDSOME!!!! What wonderful young men. Kelly, just you sit and let them wait on you hand and foot - enjoy having your whole posse for the holidays!

  8. I hope you get better soon and enjoy the Christmas Holiday with your family.

  9. I think your wreath is fun. And it's got more character and color than the snowmen.

    I laughed out loud when I read Gene's comment. Wonder how many hours he searched for that blog post???

  10. Feel better soon.... and make a pot of chicken soup... it really does cure the cold!

    It's not cold enough here to enjoy soup... well maybe in mid July...

  11. Wishing you and your family a

    Merry! Merry Christmas!

  12. Your co-workers are just so cute! I can't wait to see the toothless smile. They look so handsome with their red sweaters.

    Feel better soon. I know how ucky those URIs can be. You just want to crawl into a ball and be pouty. I second the chicken soup thing.

    I LOVE the wreath! I think it's fun! Might have to do something like that for next year...LOL! Maybe a sewing tree....

    If we don't exchange emails, have fun with the kiddos and have a wonderful Christmas!

  13. Poor Kelly, I'm sorry you're sick, it always seems to sneek up when we're too busy to be sick. I think you're wreath is fun and you should have gotten extra points for jumping out of your sick bed to make it.
    P.S. the co-workers are adorable as usual.

  14. Great picture of the boys!! They are sooooo cute! Sounds like Christmas is going to be very busy around your house this year, as it should be. Hugs to you and all of the family!! (feel better quick!)

  15. Oh Kelly, that's so rotten, but you were bound to get it after the team was laid down already! Hope it will go soon and you can all enjoy a lovely Christmas together!

  16. Well, I had fun following you in the Aurifil contest. But I'm still sorry you didn't win. Those darn little snowmen will melt (de-thread themselves) and won't look very cute, but your wreath will look great all year long.


  17. Just had a few minutes to catch up on my blog-reading and discovered you were ill. Hope by this time you are feeling much better and that the countdown to Christmas is going well.
    Merry Christmas, Kelly, to you and all your crew!


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