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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fassett, Jacobs, Lucy & Mably in Houston for Quilt Market 2010

I'm in Heaven....Kelly Heaven.....oh...Heaven.....and of course there are monks chanting in the background....:)  If I put music on my blog it bothers some you'll just have to get your imaginative juices working this morning/afternoon.....

I know Sarah Vedeler thought I was stalking her while I was in Houston.  Every time I showed up she looked at me and took her photo.  BUT....who I was stalking....and I do honestly admit it was true was the Westminster Fabrics Booth with Kaffe Fassett, Philip Jacobs, Brandon Mably and Liza Prior Lucy

I'm just appreciative that Brandon has such a good sense of humor and Liza had her back turned because otherwise....I'm certain I could have been jailed in Houston.
The energy these colors. along with the designs just speak to my inner "Wild Mo Jo".....and I don't think I really knew I had an inner "Wild Mo Jo" until I first saw their booth a few years ago. 

I could have parked a lawn chair in front of this quilt and book and stayed there for three days with a smile on my face and joy in my heart.
Kaffe enjoying his needlework.

I thought Kaffe was kind to even bother to look up for a photo.  After all, he had been on a plane most of the night (or so I was told.....maybe he really thinks I'm a nutcase and can't stand me taking his photo....who knows?)
Since this is my blog and I can take creative liberties.....I"m going to  name this piece,
 "Peaks of Enlightenment."  How do you like that?  :)
I'm calling this one......"Amber Waves of Joy"
I like "Cornered Energy" for this one.

"Wheels of the Ruby Dharma"....I like that you?
This I call, "Where is Waldo?"....LMAO
(if you don't know what the acronym stands for....please don't look it up)
"Water Falling on Bliss"


These are just the titles I've given these photos.  I love these Westminster Fabrics and the designers are very inspiring to me. 

These Rowan Threads were in the Westminster Booth just down the isle.  Can you believe I did not even attempt a heist?  Me either!!! 
I was thinking while writing this post.......

........Ever notice that when someone/several some one's work resonates with is actually just reflecting something on the inside waiting to get out?

The IHAN world in which I live can be fun on afternoons such as this one.  Prior to seeing any of these folks work I knew I liked color but I think it was buried deep inside me.   I realize I need some color in my world/home.  I don't typically work with colors etc because of self doubt.  My uncle was a very successful designer and he had wonderful taste.  He was held up as the measure for taste and style....if he liked was "divine" (said in such a grandiose manner too).  Apparently I internalized the message that only "designers" have taste and I certainly am not an artist or a designer so I have honestly never explored much until recently.  I've never taken an art class relied on a color wheel to tell me if things "worked" together or not.

Fear color no more!!!  This photo was taken a few minutes ago in my kitchen.  Like the color?  I can tell you it sure beats what was there before....just ask "Waldo."

Happy Smiles,


  1. Beautiful. I think I wouldn't check into my hotel room and just want to sleep in his booth....or in Sarah's booth. Gosh, they both create such beautiful things with lovely fabrics and threads.

    Great post, as always. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I'm such a color person. That goes back to my childhood, memorizing the 64 box of crayola crayons. Yes, I was that much of a geek. I guess I've been a hidden designer since then as well, as one of my favorite things was going to the local wallpaper and paint store (Color Haven) and strolling through the books and paint chips.

    I love those brightly bold colored and patterned fabrics. I have a secret stah of that stuff just for me...

  3. He does have a wonderful style and beautiful sense of colors. I do like color too, and I love poinsettias.


  4. And to think I thought you only stalked me! ;-)

  5. Ah yes, Kaffe is my hero. I love his fabrics, his color sense, his style.

  6. Kaffe and Philip Jacobs are my absolute favorites, the colors are so vibrant and rich.

  7. Kelly, you know I am a color lover. The brighter the better. I love trying different colors together. I think your post along with a book I looked at a bit ago are pushing me to go back to the painting table for a session of "experimental art."

  8. What a very colorful post, just loved it and those quilts, amazing!!!

  9. I take my inspiration from these COLORS ! ! ! !
    They just make me HAPPY


  10. Kelly I think you've found your inner gypsy - I felt that way when I discovered Jennifer Paganelli's fabrics. I think I'm more of a tropical gypsy - I'm drawn to tropical colors. But such saturated ones! I love the color of your kitchen, so THAT'S what you've been up to! Woohooo!

  11. Loved the Peaks of Enlightenment one. STRIKING!! Looks like you had fun!

  12. What a way to warm up this wintry day! I could get lost in Kaffe's beautiful fabrics. Love the titles you posted!

  13. I am also overjoyed by the colors of their quilts, fabrics and books--and knitting, too! I was lucky enough to go to a lecture a few months ago where Kaffe Fassett spoke and shared a gorgeous slide show of his work. One of the things that he said when asked about color was to go outside and you will find inspiration and color combinations from nature and the world around you. I think it's a wonderful way to come up with amazing color combos, and you don't even have to be a fancy designer or know about color theory.
    Thanks for sharing your photos!

  14. These quilts are amazing. I never thought in a million years I would like something so colorful but I have developed a strange taste for bright color over the years . I don´t know where that comes from I used to be a country color girl, lol, now I just want all these bright things. Strange. Love your flower picture, so clean.
    Alda, Fl

  15. Are you sure you didn't leave any drool on those quilts? I surely would have *said she, wiping drool off her monitor*. When we built our home 15 years ago, I left it all white inside. Until last March when i had the chutzpah to paint my son's room not one but two tones of green. Holy cow! Love it!


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