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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

IHAN Christmas Slide Show

I told everyone I was going to take a break and that is just what I have done.  Not one blog post in several days....I can't believe it!

If you've been wondering what we've been up is a little Slide Show for you.  It may not appear obvious but we like to play games and cards too.  We may just so happen to need some fun hats to wear when playing cards....and there is always a losers hat.  Many times we play under assumed names as well....just for fun.

The last photo is a Hawk that swooped into the tree in front of our interesting guest.  The other folks in the photos are, Mr. McSteamy, Krista(oldest), Megan(middle girl), Cody(Megan's husband), Maddy(youngest girl), Aaron(oldest boy), Zachary(youngest boy), Olivia (mom), Tracy (sister), Cordie(brother) and me. 

I'm still sick but I'm moving just the same.  Unfortunately Krista and Maddy boarded a flight this morning early with the same bad colds.......a little extra present from me (unintentional).

I hope all of you have had a wonderful week and are warm and not stranded anywhere due to the snow in the East.

The IHAN Holiday Sale continues through Dec. 31, 2010 so if you want to take advantage of some great prices you better hop to it!



  1. Glad you took a break and enjoyed the holidays with your family. Hope you are feeling 100% better very soon. Loved the slide show.


  2. Looks like a wonderful, fun family. Feel better soon.


  3. It looks like you had a wonderful time with your family and hopefully on the mend now. It seems everyone got hit with this flu.


  4. I love your slide show! And I even recognized a couple of gifts :-) It looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Now on to the New Year!

  5. What a lovely all looked like you had so much fun...the little guy loves showing off his toothless smile....cute...I hope the tooth fairy made a visit...

  6. Looks like a wonderful fun time, love the hats. Your oldest Aaron is the mirror image of you in male form. Glad your feeling better, maybe giving the cold to the girls to take away was a good idea. It got rid of yours(almost).

  7. We surely would not miss that 2nd tooth coming out. *L* What a great looking fun family. Hope everyone feels better for the New Year.

  8. Whatta be-u-tiful family, Kelly! Hope you are feeling 100% soon. With all that going on, how did you ever notice the hawk?!! Cool picture of him in the tree! Thank you for sharing and Happy New year!

  9. What a great slide show - looks like Christmas was a blast even if you weren't feeling well!

  10. Darling slideshow! I love the party hats and all the fun. Hope that darn cold is all the way gone very soon!

  11. Looks like you all had a great time! Hope you all feel better and on top form soon and all the best for the New Year!

  12. The Cold jumped the river to Whitehouse--now I've got it, too. My excuse to stay in my jammies all day.

    Questions for you: Which hat is the looser hat? Waaaaay to funny.

    What day did the hawk show up? (It's a Cooper's btw.) I help a group track hawks and owls in these here parts.

    Glad your Christmas was full of smiles and joy.

  13. Sure looks like a lot of fun at the Jackson house, even if you didn't feel 100%! Good to see such a happy family!! And the hawk was spectacular - glad he was welcome at the party and glad you got the shot to share with us.

    Happy New Year!!


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