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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tutorials That Rock

Since the website drama I have had to slow down quite a bit.  I burned the candle at both ends for too long and now I'm in the rest and recover mode.  Which is a blessing honestly, because it has given me the opportunity to make some things that I have wanted and needed to make.  I absolutely love being able to Google the word Tutorial followed by almost any other word I can think of ....and.... up pops someone's kind gift to others.  For that, I am greatful :)

A must see tutorial is over at the  Sew To Speak Blog.  I learned about it from the Quiltycat Blog this morning.  It really grabbed my eye.

Bee Tree Designs Blog has another one that is excellent.  I typically print off the designs and use them with some extra wool felt or other fabrics when I want a portable project.  I love hand stitching so I keep a file of those too.

An excellent drawstring bag tutorial is posted on Happy Things blog.  I made two of these recently and I think this tutorial ROCKS. 

Oh and did I mention the MJ's Bag Tag Tutorial right here on the IHAN blog?  These make great teacher gifts, family gifts, anyone gifts because they don't have to be used just on luggage.  I make smaller ones and put on the boys lunch boxes, camera bags, computer bags etc.

My last reminder about the Electric Quilt Tutorial that is free too!!!  Click here and get yourself some free lessons and have some fun too.  (This is a don't tell anyone....if my memory serves me correctly....on Facebook I saw a post that read someone somewhere in Southern California is doing a giveaway and it is related to this tutorial....I have learned that nothing gets quilters rocking faster than a fabric giveaway:...and you did not hear it from me!)
More soon!



  1. Hope you catch up with yourself soon!! Thanks for the reminder on the EQ, I had forgotten about it!!

  2. Are you part of Fringe? Having a double life? You get so much done.

    fun tips. Thanks for sharing. All are great, but one of my favorites are your luggage tag tutorial!


  3. How I love tutorials - thanks for the list! Glad to hear you're recovering. *G*

  4. Thanks for the tutorial search tip. I'm going to have to try that one in the near future!


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